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The Best Bienvenue in the world ! The Best Bienvenue in the world

In 2013, Cruise the Saint Lawrence and member ports of call adopted a Greeting Policy, our aim being to ensure that we achieve our vision of becoming the destination that provides the ‘Best Welcome in the World’. This policy will be implemented over the coming years with a view to consistently enhancing passenger and crew experience. Member ports of call are therefore hard at work fine-tuning greeting infrastructure, honing customer service and innovating in the matter of visitor greeting operations. Accreditation for the 9 ports of call is anticipated for 2016.


Live to Explore - Saint Lawrence destination (cover)LIVE to EXPLORE

Explore the bounty and savage beauty of nature — the marvels of man-made monuments and the intricacies of long-established crafts. Explore culinary delights and comforting cuisine — the nightlife of multicultural cities — the history of warm peoples living together in harmony.


Saint Lawrence Ports & Services (cover)Saint Lawrence Ports & Services

This document is intended to help you grasp the excitement and splendour offered by these Saint Lawrence cruises, and to give you a better understanding of the various improvements and additions to both the infrastructure and the offer. That way, you’ll be well positioned to catch the wave.


Cruises Montreal (cover)Le SaintLaurent Destination de Croisières Internationales_Dec 2013 _FR_Page_1.jpgCruises Montréal

The Port of Montréal is the second most important international cruise port along the Saint Lawrence River. It is also a port of call for river cruises (Saint Lawrence and Great Lakes) and domestic cruises (Montréal – Îles-de-la-Madeleine [Magdalen Islands]).

2017_TM_Luxury MTL_version WEB_Page_1.jpgMontréal, Step into a world of luxury

With exhilarating entertainment, gourmet food, old-world history and inspiring architecture among some of its to charms, Montréal is the perfect luxury getaway.

Discover a cosmopolitan metropolis where European chic and cutting-edge creativity coexist, and world-class festivals and nightlife shine big and bright.


TRÈS lovely Trois-Rivières, Cruise Destination

The people of Trois-Rivières take pride in their city and cherish its history. Nothing makes them happier than sharing their favourite spots and best-kept secrets with travellers from around the world. The arrival of a cruise ship at the port is always an opportunity to connect. Consider yourself our special guest!


Magazine-Bienvenueno5_CoverBienvenue Magazine

Bienvenue magazine, produced by Paradigme Public Affairs in collaboration with the Québec City port authority and Québec Tourism, is distributed by the port to its many visitors. The magazine seeks to enhance the warm welcome cruise goers and crew members receive at the port by highlighting the unparalleled tourism experience they can enjoy throughout the Québec City area.

Québec city and area (cover)Québec City and area

Québec City has everything a city needs to welcome visitors to our part of the world—and keep them coming back for more. It is a favorite destination for vacations, conferences, and business and incentive trips, with world-class tourism facilities that offer visitors all the modern conveniences and comforts of city living. It also has an international airport, rail links, and an efficient highway network.


Saguenay Cruise destination_2013

Saguenay Cruise Mag 2013

Located on the banks of the majestic Saguenay Fjord, with the Monts-Valin mountain range towering from above, we introduce you to Saguenay: a charming and authentic city with the rhythm of urban life and “THE” warmest welcome around.



Baie-Comeau port of call (cover)Baie-Comeau port of call

The Baie-Comeau region's landscape has been shaped by glacial retreats and extraordinary and unusual natural phenomena such as a meteorite, which caused the immense Manicouagan crater.

Baie-Comeau - Big country, big hearts (cover)Baie-Comeau - Big country. Big hearts.

Natural resources fueled the industrialization of modern-day Québec, spurring the development of its vast territory through logging, the rise of the lumber and paper industry, and the harnessing of the mighty Manicouagan and Outardes rivers. This hydroelectrical engineering paved the way for a world-class aluminum smelter in Baie-Comeau, a company town, where these enormous facilities fit right in in a part of the world where everything is larger than life.


Sept-Îles Port of call 2017 (cover)Sept-Îles port of call brochure 2017

The city of Sept-Îles is located just above the 50th parallel, on the northern coast of the Gulf of Saint-Lawrence. The city extends along a 45-square kilometer bay whose entrance is protected by the Sept-Îles archipelago, a natural rampart made up of the seven islands to which it owes its name.

Sept-Îles winter brochure


Havre-Saint-Pierre - Gateway to the Minganie (cover)Havre-Saint-Pierre - Gateway to the Minganie

Havre-Saint-Pierre: the port of call that’s got it all. The charming town of Havre-Saint-Pierre is in the very heart of the Minganie. The town is actually inside the Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve, the northernmost “Cruise the Saint Lawrence” destination.


The GASPE Port of Call _ Escale Gaspesie.jpgGaspésie: Unique in every way

The Gaspé Stopover takes you to the tip of the Gaspé Peninsula. Embraced by the rich waters of the estuary and the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, this port of call will captivate you with its jagged cliffs, uneven coastline and breathtaking mountains.


Gaspe Port of Call (cover)Gaspésie: Unique in every way 

Must-see and do attractions in our natural wonderland !

Îles de la Madeleine

Îles de la Madeleine - Set between sea and sky (cover)Îles de la Madeleine - Set between sea and sky

Located in the geographical centre of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, the Magdalen Archipelago also sits astride the Canada-New England Shipping lane. The Islands lie 215 km from the Gaspé Peninsula, 105 km from Prince Edward Island and 95 km from Cape Breton Island.

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