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Choosing Québec

Take a cruise on the majestic Saint Lawrence
and discover all the promises it has
ever vowed to keep.

A unique waterway

Gulf, estuary, fjord, majestic islands and distinctive shores. An unsurpassed visual experience.

Notre Dame du Saguenay Statue  (crédit : MTOQ, Paul Hurteau & Claude Parent)Untouched. Unmatched. Unforgettable.

A complex ecosystem

Nourishing waters in abundance and rich marine life; 13 species of marine mammals, colonies of aquatic birds, Atlantic salmon and other fish and shellfish.

Landscapes formed by glaciers

The effects of glaciation on the soil and vegetation; mountains and cultivated valleys.

Whales watching  (crédit : ACSL, Marc Loiselle) Forillon National Park of Canada (crédit : Michel Julien, ATRG)

An historic journey

The discovery of Canada by Jacques Cartier and Champlain; a history of colonization, immigration and industrialization; a seaway punctuated with heritage lighthouses proudly erected on the capes and cliffs of its islands and shores.

Mingan Archipelago Lighthouse, Îles de la Madeleine

Remarkable cities

Centres of architecture, history, industry and culture. Québec, the only fortified city in North America, celebrated 400 years of history in 2008; Montréal, city of culture and gastronomical excellence, is renowned for its many festivals and singular way of life; Trois-Rivières, Cultural Capital of Canada in 2009, will be marking its 375th anniversary, while Gaspé, also in 2009, will commemorate 475 years of French history and presence in North America.

The francophone culture

A unique human experience in North America; festive traditions, a warm welcome, the French language on a daily basis. A cultural mosaic where First Nations and descendants of the first French, Irish, Basque and English immigrants cohabit with new arrivals from around the world.

Remarkable cities (crédit : Mathieu Dupuis) Québec flag (crédit : MTOQ, JP Huard)

A First Nations presence

A culture and lifestyle still very present in outlying regions, diverse First Nation communities such as the Huron, Micmac and Innu peoples.


Numerous nature outings are available to all: excursions at sea, wildlife observation, interpretation activities, kayak, fishing, walking, and cycling.

A First Nations presence (crédit : Mathieu Dupuis) Seakayaking excursions (crédit : Mathieu Dupuis)

Captivating excursions

Manic-5 hydroelectric complex, Anticosti Island, salmon fishing, flying over the Saguenay Fjord in a seaplane.

Bienvenue Cruise Passengers

The best "Bienvenue" in the World ! A tradtion of hospitality, a warm welcome, impeccable service and diversified activities at port.

Captivating excursions for all tastes (crédit : Mathieu Dupuis) Bienvenue! (crédit : Mathieu Dupuis)
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