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May 7, 2015

Gaspésie’s cruise ship tourism: a promising season!

GASPÉ, May 20, 2015 – Escale Gaspésie is pleased to announce its cruise tourism calendar for the 2015 season. Particulary noteworthy is the record number of 30 stopovers with 20,912 passengers and 9,415 crew members for a total of 30,327 visitors. 

The 12 ships scheduled during the spring and summer represent our highest total of early season calls to date. Director Stéphane Sainte-Croix, is pleased with the organization’s accomplishment: « we have acheived the goals that were first set when Escale Gaspésie launched in 2009. Foremost among these goals was to see the Gaspé Port of Call on the majority of cruise line itineraries on the St. Lawrence. 
The spring-summer cruise season, gradually being introduced onto cruise line itineraries on the St. Lawrence represents a real potential for growth. Consequently, cruise ship tourism is now present in the region from May to October ».

2015 highlights:

  • 30 ship calls for a total of 117 ship calls since 2009;
  • 30,327 cruise ship passengers and crew members in 2015 for a total of
  • 136,943 visitors since 2009;
  • 12 calls during the 2015 spring-summer season;
  • 5 - 2 ships days;
  • Princess Caribbean calling, the largest ship on the St. Lawrence in 2015.

8 new ships:

  • Saint-Laurent;
  • Black Watch;
  • Ocean Endeavour;
  • Akademik Loffe;
  • Marco Polo;
  • Princess Caribbean;
  • Alabatros;
  • Sapphire.

4 new cruise lines:

  • Haimark;
  • Adventure Canada;
  • OneOceanExpeditions;
  • Cruise & Maritime Voyages.

Escale Gaspésie is a non-profit organization which groups together the towns of Gaspé, Percé and Chandler. Its mission is to develop, promote and operate a port of call for international cruise ships along the St. Lawrence-Atlantic Canada-New England circuit at the tip of the Gaspé Peninsula. Escale Gaspésie is part of the Strategy for the Sustainable Development and Promotion of International Cruises on the St. Lawrence (Ministry of Tourism Quebec) and the Development of the Canadian Cruise Industry (Canada Economic Development).


Source and information :
Stéphane Sainte-CroixExcecutive Director

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