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May 9, 2017

Croisières M/S Jacques-Cartier reveals its first three itineraries for the 2018 season

Trois-Rivières, May 2, 2017 – The Harvey family, owner of the M/S Jacques-Cartier, today revealed the soon-to-be cruise ship’s first three itineraries. Once renovations have been completed, the renowned vessel will be actively offering both adventure and state-of-the-art amenities!

“We are very pleased to announce our first itineraries. Investments of $6.6M will transform the M/S Jacques-Cartier into a cruise ship enabling our customers to discover extraordinary, unique locations and enjoy a different experience combining activities, discoveries and comfort”, said Michel Harvey, President of Croisières M/S Jacques-Cartier.


Lighthouse Hopping

Designed for those who love landscapes, architecture, history and outdoor adventure, this itinerary combines discovery, cultural activities and dynamic pursuits of varying degrees of difficulty. Not surprisingly, lighthouses are most meaningful when seen from the water.

Built as of 1809 to alert mariners to dangers in the St. Lawrence, they now herald the River’s presence. However, many are inaccessible or invisible from land. The M/S Jacques-Cartier takes cruise passengers on an extraordinary journey, between Québec City and the Saguenay-St. Lawrence, to spectacular sites that represented enormous challenges for the men and women who lived in daily isolation within these sentinels of the sea. Breathtaking discoveries guaranteed! 

St. Lawrence Islands and Saguenay Fjord

Nearly 40 isles, islets and island-like entities dot the St. Lawrence River between Québec City, the South Shore and Charlevoix on the North Shore. The M/S Jacques-Cartier will sail slowly along riverbanks, shorelines and archipelagos…an ideal itinerary for contemplatives, giving them time to observe local wildlife and plant life accompanied by specialists, who will help them discover unusual facts about island environments. Then, cruise passengers will be able to admire the grandiose Saguenay fjord.

Depending on the season, they will join experts for interesting, theme-based activities including the song festival in Tadoussac, the perseid meteor showers in the Saguenay, migratory birds in Tadoussac and shipwrecks along the St. Lawrence.

Majestic St. Lawrence

The sightseeing itinerary. The St. Lawrence is a majestic waterway joining the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean via the Seaway, a systems of locks completed in 1959 making it possible to navigate the 65-m drop in water level to access Lake Ontario. This journey will allow cruise passengers to discover the history of one of the 20th century’s greatest technical achievements, which paved the way for an impressive trade network. The itinerary will take them to Toronto and introduce them, en route, to little-known historical facts about Québec and Canada, and surprising locales: Lake St. Lawrence and its sunken villages; the Thousand Islands with their many islets and castles; the magnificent Prince Edward County Natural Reserve, a mecca for birdwatchers; vineyards and local Ontario-grown products in the Niagara Valley. A wonderful choice for those wishing to combine their love of exploring outstanding natural sites with visits to cultural activities and a range of tourist attractions.


Those who are interested in these exciting adventures are invited to go to www.msjacquescartier.com today to reserve their travel package online!

Until June 30, 2017, the Harvey family is offering travellers a $200 discount per person when they reserve their place on one of these inspiring cruises. A terrific offer!


Croisières M/S Jacques-Cartier’s novel concept offers voyages exploring Québec’s major navigable waterways and the Great Lakes, ranging from 5 to 10 days in length...an active, innovative approach offering dynamic activities combining hiking, respectful, harmonious observation of wildlife and plant life, visits to historical sites and communities. When possible, passengers will travel in zodiacs and/or kayaks launched right off the ship to reach the sites in question or to discover the St. Lawrence River accompanied by seasoned guides. Exciting, original experiences guaranteed!

On board the ship, with its 34 cabins, relaxing, entertaining activities will be offered on a range of subjects (introductory workshops, awareness-raising presentations, a personalized approach based on health and well-being, culinary adventures featuring regional products, an area for relaxation and contemplation). New and tested-and-true pastimes, organized around a variety of themes and supported by input from specialists, will spark passengers’ interest.

All in all, a comprehensive, engaging experience both on board and on land to enable participants to view, learn about, navigate and experience the St. Lawrence.


The St. Lawrence runs in the Harvey family’s veins, with its four generations of mariners passing down know-how about the River and its ways. Add specialized knowledge and skills and you have a wealth of marine and tourism-sector expertise. The Harvey family’s goal is to offer travellers unforgettable moments on board their renovated ship, 100% dedicated to safe, secure sea and river cruises.

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