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April 28, 2006

Saint Lawrence for sale…

Québec, April 28, 2006 - The Saint Lawrence Cruise Association (SLCA), whose goal is to develop the international market and the Quebec product for cruise passengers, is committed to the creation of a strategy designed to position and market the Saint Lawrence.  The new policy of the Quebec Department of Tourism proposes an approach that involves segmenting the product to create four tourism experiences, including the Saint Lawrence experience.  The Saint Lawrence Cruise Association is pleased with this new approach, which coincides perfectly with its own strategy of focusing on the river as a whole, including the estuary and the Gulf.

In this regard, SLCA President Martine Bélanger confirmed to Quebec’s Tourism Minister Françoise Gauthier her organization’s commitment to become involved in the Department’s efforts and said they would like to see partners in the areas along the river making a contribution as well.  At a press conference on April 28, Ms. Bélanger unveiled a newly published brochure entitled Experience the Saint Lawrence (Vivre le Saint-Laurent), which echoes the Department’s approach: Passionnément Saint-Laurent (Passionately Saint Lawrence)!

The Minister took the opportunity to announce improvements in the partnership agreement between her Department and the SLCA, for which $220,000 had been set aside.  “I am confident that with the support of our partners, including the SLCA and various regional promoters, we can enable our full tourism potential to flourish and make Quebec one of the best-known cruise destinations in the world”, the Minister concluded.

The SLCA feels that the Saint Lawrence experience is Quebec’s strongest selling point, not only abroad but also in the province.  More than an advertising campaign, this experience must be promoted to the public in Quebec in order to maintain a positive feeling of ownership of this vast collective heritage of the Saint Lawrence.  In this context, the SLCA is counting on the regional tourism associations to adopt this joint position for international markets and include this highly important measure of integrating “The passion of the Saint Lawrence” in their domestic marketing concept.

The SLCA is also involved in discussions as part of the forum on marine transport, where promotion and development committees are actively selling the river to Quebeckers, in the hope that this form of convergence will, in this particular cases, produce a constructive synergy capable of making the Saint Lawrence an object of public pride and a destination that is highly valued on the international stage.

René Trépanier, Executive director
Telephone: 418 725 0135

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