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May 2, 2007

Survey among international cruise companies

Québec, May 2, 2007 - The Saint Lawrence Cruise Association has surveyed its existing cruise line customers with a view to sustaining a tourism supply that is capable of responding to the most demanding cruisers and of demonstrating that the Saint Lawrence is an excellent destination to visit aboard a cruise ship. The survey was conducted between September 9 and October 27, 2006 by Impact Research and Unimarketing, and targeted 1,867 cruisers who visited the Montréal, Québec City, Saguenay, or Baie-Comeau ports.

The survey revealed the following highlights:

  • Canada is increasing in popularity as a cruise destination, and one in two passengers would like to return to Québec;
  • At least two in three passengers chose their cruise based on the notoriety of the destination and the port-of-call they visited;
  • Only 8% of passengers were on their first cruise and on average, respondents had in fact taken 8.9 cruises;
    Of the four cities visited, Québec City is the port-of-call that received the highest rating as a tourist destination from both passengers and crew members, receiving a score of 9.3/10. Montréal scored 8.4/10, Saguenay received 7.2/10 and Baie-Comeau received 7.2/10.

The international cruise industry has been growing at a sustained annual rate of 8% for the past 20 years, and cruise lines are constantly seeking innovations. The Canada / New England destination is gaining in popularity, and for this reason, an increasing number of cruise lines are realizing the potential of the Saint Lawrence, where everything is in place to continue development.

In 2006, the Saint Lawrence cruise traffic totalled 111,119 cruisers, who stopped at the ports-of-call of Montréal (33,000), Québec City (65,000), Saguenay (11,399), Baie-Comeau (900), and others (820).  The survey demonstrated that every passenger generates an average of $183 per day per port-of-call in the form of direct economic spinoffs for Québec (compared with $143 in 2003), by spending in a variety of areas: souvenirs, meals, and land activities. Added to spending by crew members, this represents a total of more than $22 million injected into local economies in 2006 alone. 

René Trépanier, Executive director
Telephone: 418 725-0135

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