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 Newsletter #23

Monday, November 26, 2012
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Here are the latest news from Cruise the Saint-Lawrence:  
Exceptional international cruiseshipper traffic in 2012
Exceptional international cruiseshipper traffic in 2012 In Rimouski on November 19th,Pascal Bérubé, Minister responsible for Tourism and the Lower Saint Lawrence Region, announced financial support in the amount of $475 000 for Cruise the Saint Lawrence (CSL) within the scope of the Tourism Development and Promotion Support Program.
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Destination Îles de la Madeleine
Destination Îles de la Madeleine  How to describe Îles de la Madeleine? How to define this region of Québec so decidedly different from the mainland? Indeed, this area of the province resembles no other and is deemed 'exotic' in a sense by many Québecers. This island archipelago totalling 205 km2 in area is located in the heart of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and comprises a chain of islands, seven of which are joined together by two bridges and stretches of sand dunes. Four others islands or rock outcroppings are detached from the main group.
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Trois-Rivières: City's mayor involved in developing tourism
Trois-Rivières: City's mayor involved in developing tourism The advent of cruise ships has mobilized a great number of individuals across the tourism and transport sectors. The arrival into port of the first cruise ship at Trois-Rivières demonstrated that interest extended beyond sectoral professionals to the population as a whole. Even the mayor of the City of Trois-Rivières, Yves Lévesque, made it a point to spend the day in the company of visiting cruiseshippers, if only to ensure their satisfaction during their time in port. We met up with the mayor and asked him to relate his experience for the benefit of readers.
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