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 Newsletter #6

Thursday, October 15, 2009
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Here are the latest news from Cruise Saint-Lawrence:
First Nations presence: one of Québec’s wealth of assets to be discovered
First Nations presence: one of Québec’s wealth of assets to be discovered Several hundred years ago, it was the indigenous or First Nations peoples who welcomed the great European explorers to the shores of modern-day Québec. And to this day, First Nations culture remains very much present in a number of regions. The history and development of Québec are intimately linked to these original inhabitants who represent a fascinating aspect of our culture to be shared with cruise passengers stopping in at one or other of the ports of call along the St. Lawrence River.
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A great success for Cruise Saint-Lawrence
A great success for Cruise Saint-Lawrence Representatives of the nine international cruise ports of call along the Saint Lawrence and their government partners received international recognition and honours at Seatrade Europe which was held from 15-17 September in Hamburg, Germany.
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375th anniversary of Trois-Rivières!
375th anniversary of Trois-Rivières! Located half way between Montréal and Québec, Trois-Rivières boasts a remarkable concentration of points of interest for a community its size! The wharves at Trois-Rivières are located adjacent to the city's central core, internationally renowned for its originality, and just a stone's throw from a classified historic district which played a surprisingly important role in the colonization of Québec.
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Meet Luce Bureau, an individual with a passion for what she does!
Meet Luce Bureau, an individual with a passion for what she does! Luce Bureau is Assistant Manager, Passenger and Cargo Development with Aéroports de Montréal. Air traffic development plays a deciding role and has a definite impact upon growth in Québec tourism by providing access to various destinations. To allow us to better understand her role, Ms Bureau agreed to an interview with us.
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