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May 2, 2012

Manon Vigneux: Dynamic and enthusiastic

Manon Vigneux

With the 2012 cruise season fast approaching, we thought it appropriate to introduce you to an individual who is key to the success of cruise passenger arrival and departure operations. Manon Vigneux, Operations Manager with Intercruises Canada, speaks to us about her role and her impact on portside cruiseshipper experience.

  • Manon, could you tell us a little about the company for which you work? 

Well, Intercruises operates in 34 countries. I am employed with the Canada Division and work from a satellite office in Montréal. The division’s main office is located in the provincial capital at Québec. The team comprises three permanent staff members and a pool of contract workers who work alongside us during peak season to ensure the success of ship arrival and departure operations at our ports of embarkation and disembarkation. We also rely on the support of numerous day workers—up to 150 persons at times—when several ships are docked in port.   

  • A word or two about your duties and responsibilities as Operations Manager?   

I am invested with responsibility for embarkation and disembarkation operations at both the Port of Québec and Port of Montréal. It is up to me to ensure that all transfers and departures on pre- and post cruise activities are conducted quickly and efficiently. We facilitate procedures with a view to seamlessly transitioning customers to the subsequent segment of their trip which may include onward travel, transfer to the airport or a hotel, or arranging additional tours and excursions for them. Mine is a passion-filled occupation, and second career for me. After a number of years in the working world, it was am opportunity which presented itself and one that suits me to a tee.

  • What is it about your job that you especially enjoy?  

You are going to laugh, but I truly love the challenges and contingencies! Indeed, I love nothing better than intervening and ensuring that issues are quickly resolved. My leitmotiv is simple: “There are no problems, only solutions!” I also like the fact that my job is about motivating people. To succeed at what we do, we have to operate smoothly and successfully as a team. I love meeting people, customers and colleagues alike. I find everyone fascinating and that makes my day-to-day existence all the more exciting!

  • In your opinion, what are the key attributes of Destination Saint Lawrence for both cruiseshippers and cruise line operators?

The Saint Lawrence provides visitors with an opportunity to discover new frontiers and unknown places, and to meet Québecers who are always proud to share insights about their heritage.

  • Is Intercruises planning any development projects of interest to cruiseshippers? 

We constantly seek to ensure that the full spectrum of Québec travel products is made available to customers.  More than ever before, we are receiving requests for original itineraries which can be customized to satisfy the needs of individual customers. To do this, we work closely with the Saint Lawrence Cruise AssociationQuébec International and the Montréal Cruise Committee to promote different, attractive products with cruiseshippers, that they might discover for themselves the best of our ports of embarkation and disembarkation.  

  • What volume of cruiseshippers-in-transit use the services of your company? 

  Intercruises Canada conducts business with the majority of cruise lines involved in embarking or disembarking passengers in Québec.   

  • What would you like to achieve during the upcoming cruise season? 

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to think that we can consistently surpass passenger and cruise line operator expectations, so that everyone will want to come back, and that they will talk about their experiences with friends and colleagues!

Many thanks, Manon, for sharing with us your passion for your job. We wish you a successful 2012 cruise season

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