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Did you know that...?

December 12, 2012

Heartfelt Wishes for the Holiday Season!

Boules Noel

This year, all nine fantastic ports of call on the Saint Lawrence River were fully open for tourist enjoyment. And enjoyment there was, as more people than ever soaked in the unparalleled sights and sounds of our seaway.

We anticipate even more success and adventures in the upcoming year, and hope you’ll join us to make it another wonderful opportunity to live the moment!

The festive season is upon us again. A time to take notice of the joy there is in life, a time to give joy to others. With that reflection, we sincerely hope you have the benefit of a relaxing, with family and friends. Please accept our heartfelt wishes from the Cruise Saint Lawrence team as our way of taking pleasure in the moment, with you, in the joyous now.



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