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July 16, 2013

Holland America: Notable presence on the Saint Lawrence


In this new column, we will be presenting profiles of the cruise companies active on the Saint Lawrence.  And which better to inaugurate the series than Holland America Line.

Owned by Carnival Group since 1989, Holland America Line began passenger cruises back in 1895. The company operates 15 ships which travel the globe and carry some 700 000 passengers a year.  The company motto, A signature of excellence, aptly expresses the corporate aim to provide passengers with memorable cruise experiences.

Present on the Saint Lawrence for a number of years now, Holland America is currently more active than ever in Québec. During the 2103 season, three ships will drop anchor at one or more ports along the Saint Lawrence.   

  • The Maasdam: Boasting a capacity of 1258 passengers and 580 crew members, this ship will stop in at Montréal for a total of 11 passenger embarkations and disembarkations.   The Maasdam sails from Montréal to Boston and back, stopping at various Canada/ New England  ports of call over successive periods of 7 days from May to October.
  • The Veendam: New to the 7-day Québec/Boston route, this ship carries a total of 1627 passengers and 561 crew members, and is scheduled to stop at Québec a total of 7 times this season.
  • The Eurodam: This ship, which transports 2671 passengers and 800 crew members, has visited the Saint Lawrence twice each season for a number of years now.  The 10-day cruise itineraries which begin in New York and end at Québec include a number of Canada/New England ports of call. 

This season marks an important turning point in company commitment to the region since 2013 is the first year that two ships have been assigned to Destination Saint Lawrence without interruption for the entire May to October season.  With the addition of the Veendam this year, we expect an additional 20 000 passengers to travel to our shores. It is important to bear in mind that these ships stop not only at Québec and Montréal for embarkation and disembarkation operations, but also at Saguenay, Sept-Îles, Baie-Comeau and Gaspé depending on scheduled itineraries.

Passengers in search of a Canada/New England cruise experience will find a broad selection of dates and travel options throughout the summer and into the fall. To view the list of packages offered by Holland America, click here.

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