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Did you know that...?

October 14, 2009

375th anniversary of Trois-Rivières!

3TR - Terrasse le soir

Located half way between Montréal and Québec, Trois-Rivières boasts a remarkable concentration of points of interest for a community its size! The wharves at Trois-Rivières are located adjacent to the city’s central core, internationally renowned for its originality, and just a stone’s throw from a classified historic district which played a surprisingly important role in the colonization of Québec.

The year 2009 is the year of choice to drop in at the Port of Trois-Rivières as the city is celebrating the 375th anniversary of its founding. To underscore this all important occasion, celebrations, special events, exhibitions and a variety of entertainment are planned through to early 2010.  

Not possible to make it to Trois-Rivières this year?  No matter! North America's second oldest French-speaking city will remain abuzz with activities and events, which probably explains why the community was chosen at the Cultural Capital of Canada in 2009.  The city's effervescent central core lends itself admirably to discovery on foot and features an abundance of friendly cafés, bistros and unconventional museum venues.

Inaugurated this September, the inimitable Promenade Internationale de la Poésie features 100 love poems composed by poets having competed in the city's Poetry Festival. Poems may be read in a number of languages, including French, English, Catalan, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and more. Visitors will truly delight in the originality of this urban promenade! 

Having explored the shops, art galleries, cafés and sites of historic interest, you will doubtless be yearning for a breath of nature at its best. As luck would have it, a pristine natural playground in the form of  La Mauricie National Park of Canada lies just north of the city. A natural gem, the park is home to 500 km2 of protected land and is ideal for hiking, cycling, canoeing and more.

In search of something a little more original?  How about a visit to the old jailhouse? In no time, you will find yourself in solitary confinement! Prisoner cells and solitary confinement facilities are just as they were way back when. And what is more, tours are conducted by former inmates. That’s right, former inmates are on hand to provide visitors with a unique, first-hand experience of ‘life on the inside’.

If you are more interested in gardens, traditions and the promise of tranquillity, you will want to plan an excursion to the Sanctuary at Cap de la Madeleine. A key attraction on historic Chemin du Roy which runs along the north shore of the St Lawrence, this spiritual venue is the only one of the three pilgrimage sites in Québec to be dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

To learn more about Québecers and Québec culture, be certain to make time for Musée québécois de culture populaire where you will enjoy a profusion of exhibitions certain to fascinate. Upon completion of your visit, you will undoubtedly have the impression of better understanding Québecers and life in Québec.

This concludes the Trois-Rivières segment of your journey. It is now time to reboard and continue your voyage of discovery and adventure along the shores of the St Lawrence.

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