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December 16, 2009

Gatherings and festivities!

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Heading into December, our hearts and minds switch into overdrive in anticipation of Christmas and the year-end holidays. As we set about shopping for gifts and purchasing what we need to prepare festive fare for family and friends, we welcome the upcoming holiday period as a time to stop and celebrate, to be grateful for what we have and to assess progress to date.

These treasured moments indeed often afford us an opportunity to look back over the past year and reflect on what’s in store during the months ahead.

We find ourselves sitting around the table talking about what we liked and disliked about the year: our trips, our successes and some of the more challenging aspects of our lives without, however, dwelling at length on the latter.

With our hearts in celebration mode, we make plans and share our ideas.

The Holidays are a time to discuss and organize events upcoming in 2010.  Are we planning anything major in the New Year?  A birthday, wedding, honeymoon or holiday we would like to transform from dream into reality?

Cruising in style is often something we all plan to do… someday! Long considered inaccessible or the preserve of a select few, today there are any number of package tours—each more enticing than the other—to a broad range of destinations at a broad range of prices. Depending on your personal preferences and your budget, you can choose a short or extended cruise aboard a ship large or small to exciting urban ports of call, or you can opt for a cruise where the focus is on appreciation and observation of nature.

Cruiseshipping can be ideal for celebrating many an occasion. The diversity of onboard activities enables family and friends to travel together while making allowance for the favourite activities of each. You can book excursions for one, two or more, and then get together as a group come evening to recount the day’s adventures!

To underscore a specific event, the choices as to time of year and destinations are limitless. You will long remember that evening at the Captain’s table or particular shore-based excursion! Treat yourself to a cruise… 

  • Immerse yourself in First Nations culture and be certain to snap a picture of yourself in the company of an Innu family at Sept-Îles;
  • Savour a gourmet meal featuring the finest in local fare at Saguenay;
  • Ask a loved one to marry you as you stroll along the beach set with the reddish cliffs of Îles de la Madeleine as a backdrop;
  • Take a romantic ride in a horse-drawn buggy through the streets of Old Québec to celebrate your engagement;
  • Do something entirely different to celebrate your 50th birthday like booking a sea kayak excursion to observe marine mammals.


Plan a uniquely memorable experience for yourself in Québec that you will be able to sit around the table and talk about with friends and family next year at this time!

Wishing you a joyous holiday season, great times and bundles of memories! 


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