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Did you know that...?

December 16, 2009

Mingan rendezvous!

HSP- Chevreuil 2

"Rendez-vous Minganie" is the name of the organization commissioned to promote this scenic region as a leading travel destination with national and international cruise operators. In this intriguing name lies the promise and intensity of a destination located at the far northeastern extremity of Highway 138 on Québec's Lower North Shore, a destination as authentic as it is remote and outstandingly beautiful.

Minganie extends over a vast area, grouping together Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve of Canada,  the municipality of Havre-Saint-Pierre—where the port facility is Iocated, and Anticosti Island National Park.

Although Havre-Saint-Pierre is only beginning to develop and market itself as a port of call, attractions are deserving of interest and progress to date is promising. In 2009, visiting cruise ship passengers were clearly delighted with the warm welcome extended them, the authenticity of the local people, as well as the quality and beauty of the attractions that they had occasion to visit and appreciate.

The region is ripe with product and facility development potential, and already boasts impressive, one-of-a-kind attractions.

Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve of Canada
Like nothing else in the world, this park is home to the largest concentration of erosion-hewn monoliths in Canada. The singular rock formations, exceptional flora, unusual waterfowl and area lighthouses are an invitation for visitors to come and explore. Watercraft of varying dimensions are available and can accommodate groups of all sizes.

Anticosti Island National Park
Delight for the eyes and amazement guaranteed on this island which is home to more deer than humans! The island’s attributes are numerous and include the unique wildlife, abundant fossil formations, mysterious grottoes and impressive Vauréal waterfall.

Encounter with Innu culture
History and tradition are alive and well in the Innu community of Ekuantshit where visitors can immerse themselves in Innu lifestyle and art. With the advent of the planned Innu Cultural Centre in the village, visitors will be able to better appreciate the important impact of First Nations culture on development in Québec.

In addition, a number of projects are being considered which would enhance Havre-Saint-Pierre port infrastructure in the area next to where cruise ship passengers embark and disembark.

For an insight into this magnificent region, an all new website will be soon available at There you will discover a thousand and one reasons for making Havre-Saint-Pierre one of your next ports of call!


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