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Did you know that...?

September 20, 2010

Québec: An exciting destination for children!

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Travel is regularly prized for its educational value and a family cruise could well turn out to be an extraordinary experience for parents and children alike. Travel is also a wonderful way to satisfy children's insatiable curiosity and their endless thirst for knowledge. Indeed, through travel, one opens the doors to other cultures, to other life experiences, to other languages, and to new ways of having fun. Still think your children are too young for a cruise?

Passengers of all ages are welcome aboard cruise ships. One need only ensure that they are properly accompanied. A cruise represents an unrivalled opportunity to share exceptional time together as a family. Educational, entertaining and comfortable, a family cruise guarantees the thrill of multiple discoveries and lasting memories.  The needs of young and old are easily satisfied once aboard!

In addition to theme-based cruises intended for the younger crowd, the majority of ships have facilities for infants and toddlers, including separate greeting counters, babysitting services, onboard activities programs and much more.

Aquatic pleasures, fun games, entertainment, films, sporting activities... the younger crowd will revel in the extent of the onboard offering. So will they delight in discovering new destinations at each call into port.

Québec: A fun-filled family destination!

Québec is brimming with attractions and activities certain to amaze and satisfy the expectations of children of all ages.  

  • Vast expanses of wilderness
  • Warm, welcoming ways of the people
  • Fascinating array of activities
  • Wealth, diversity and accessibility of natural points of interest

Following are several examples of the fascinating activities intended for young and old alike as they discover the various ports of call along the Saint Lawrence River in Québec.


Tour of the Old Jailhouse:  Experience the wonder the moment you set foot inside the old jailhouse. Children will be captivated by the guides-former inmates every one!-and their tales of prison routine, including what it was like to spend time in a jail cell or solitary confinement unit.  A unique experience that children will delight in telling their friends about!


Guidatour / Ça roule Montréal proposes a different, dynamic way of touring Montréal. Rent a bicycle-regular or electric, tandem bike, child trailer, a pair of inline skates or an electric scooter and set off to see the sights!


Québec Aquarium: Come explore the ecosystems and discover the flora and fauna of the various marine environments. The Aquarium boasts a collection of some 10 000 specimens, including polar bears, gigantic walruses and seals. Whatever you do, don't forget your camera!


Wilderness Zoo at Saint-Félicien: An out-of-the-ordinary venue where one can observe animals in their natural habitats. Come sneak a peek at Aisaqvaq and her two cubs. Overflowing with energy, the cubs will warm the hearts of young and old with their playful antics and insatiable curiosity for everything around them. Imagine yourself there... the kids will be smitten in an instant!


Whale watching excursions: An intense moment for the entire family. Come meet the most majestic creatures on earth: whales!


Open water adventure. Transform the traditional island-hopping excursion into an educational activity par excellence. This open water adventure comes replete with interpretive details about the history, economy, culture and social life of the region. Children will marvel as they keep their eyes peeled for marine mammals, just as they will be awestruck as they cast their glance at the rocky cliffs of Corossol Island, a prime nesting area for many species of birds.


Canoe and kayak excursions: Enjoy the thrill of setting out as a family to discover a river or the open waters of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence by canoe or kayak. It's all about going at one's own pace and basking in the beauty of the natural surroundings. A great way to observe Québec's vast and varied offering of plant and animal life.


Bonventure Island and Percé Rock Park: A veritable jewel as Québec parks go, a place where nature is grandiose and discoveries are both numerous and memorable. Children will gaze in awe at what ranks as one of the largest colonies of northern gannets in the world... all within the confines of this breathtaking park.

Iles de la Madeleine

La Salicorne, Auberge & Escapades features a number of different nautical activities such as windsurfing, surf kayaking, tours of local surface caves (wetsuit and helmets included!), as well as guided tours of East Point National Wildlife Reserve. A full measure of thrills and spills guaranteed!

At each different port of call, children will enjoy the opportunity to learn more about the destination, gain a better understanding of life in Québec and delight in the wealth of appealing activities on offer. Their individual travel logs will be overflowing with fascinating tales, action photos and descriptions of the many fun-filled moments spent together as a family!


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