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September 20, 2010

Québec: An absolute MUST on any cruise itinerary!

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As the number of cruiseshippers choosing the Saint Lawrence continues to grow, so does the number of passengers disembarking at Québec. Indeed, in 2010, some 100 000 cruise ship passengers stopped in at the Port of Québec.  Of this number, about half either commenced or terminated their cruise experience at Québec. Many also took the opportunity to extend their stay by a few days and explore the provincial capital and environs. 

Steeped in four hundred years of history, the city attracts and fascinates ever increasing throngs of visitors. This summer, the Port of Québec welcomed its 600 000th passenger since the inauguration of the cruise terminal in 2002! Each year, new ships call into port at Québec, such as the MSC Poesia (2010) and the famed Queen Mary II which will be returning to Québec this September. Marketing teams are pursuing efforts to broaden awareness of the destination's many summer attributes with cruise operators in the hope that they will expand their summertime offering in the years ahead.

As magnificent and flamboyant as the autumn foliage may be, there is nothing quite like the effervescence of Québec in summer! Open air terraces decked out with flowers, street entertainment, and an abundance of festivals and events make for a summer program bursting with possibilities.

Visitors of all ages are immediately smitten with the historic charm of Old Québec, the bustling streets, outdoor cafés, cultural attractions and, of course, the warm, welcoming ways of the people.

To get a taste of life in Québec, stroll about the narrow streets of the old city or take a ride in a calèche and sit back as the driver recounts the history and defining moments in the city's development.

Designated a world heritage site by UNESCO, Old Québec is readily accessible from the Port of Québec as you can see on the map. Upon arrival, passengers are warmly welcomed and presented with an extensive range of local excursion possibilities to ensure that they make the most of their stay in port.

Whether the focus is on culture, gastronomy or browsing the shops, visitors will delight in the proximity of museums and interpretive centres, restaurants and bistros-many of which feature the finest in local produce, and the profusion of boutiques and art galleries showcasing local artistic talent.

Treat yourself to the pleasure of discovery!  Plan now to spend an additional day or three in historic Québec either before or after your next cruise on the Saint Lawrence!

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