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Did you know that...?

April 23, 2011

The magic of summer!

GAS - Champ de marguerites

Summer is synonymous with warm weather and holiday time for people, who like Québecers, live in temperate regions of the globe.  The months of June, July and August are favourites with Québecers for taking a well deserved and much needed break from months of hard work.  

With the advent of summer comes change—however minute or imperceptible—in people’s behaviour.  There’s a lightness of being which brings smiles to people's faces. Suddenly everyone is inspired to enjoy life a little more, to sit back and let the good times roll as the days grow longer. Warm summer evenings are indeed ideal for strolling along bustling city centre streets, stopping for a drink or bite to eat on an outdoor terrace, or taking in one of the many summer festivals which come replete with an abundance of free concerts and streetside entertainment.

Across Québec, holidaymakers delight in the myriad fêtes, festivals and attractions on offer in regions across the province.  Québec is home to countryscapes which differ vastly from one region to the next.

Routes along the Saint Lawrence figure among the most picturesque and feature an impressive array of contrasting mountain and seascapes. The Saint Lawrence is never far and tourists delight in how easy it is to stop and enjoy a stroll along the shoreline or an excursion on the open water.  As for cruiseshippers, they are treated to a breathtaking succession of ever changing vistas as they sail past the towns and villages which dot the river’s shores. En route from one port of call to the next, it is possible to take in a diversity of flora and fauna, as well as vastly different landscapes.

Summer in Québec is uniquely captivating! Attractions include a host of audacious shows, colourful festivals, verdant forests, brightly coloured fields in bloom, and vibrant city-centre terraces filled to capacity! Québecers are warm and welcoming, and each region proudly presents the best it has to offer tourists and cruiseshippers. Visitors will revel in the outdoor multimedia presentations and numerous exhibitions designed to appeal to people of all ages.

Liveliness, intensity and variety… it must be summer! There’s no better time of year to take full advantage of the added daylight hours to explore, indulge in cultural activities, let off steam by engaging in a favourite sport or outdoor activity, or simply take it easy and enjoy a leisurely stroll along the Saint Lawrence to the sound of the waves gently lapping the shoreline!

Come see and experience Québec and the Saint Lawrence for yourself. You’ll want nothing more than to come back… again and again!


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