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Did you know that...?

June 27, 2011

Sept-Îles Port of Call: Unique in every way!

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Located on Québec’s Lower North Shore between Baie-Comeau and Havre-Saint-Pierre, Sept Îles is a vital, flourishing community. This city of just over 25 000 inhabitants features a thriving economy driven in large part by mining and hydroelectric activities in the surrounding region.

The Port of Sept-Îles is a deep water port with a distinct set of advantages for seagoing vessels.  Like neighbouring commercial enterprises, the port contributes to employment in the region and is proving an attractive drawing card for younger individuals. Contrary to other outlying regions, Sept-Îles readily attracts young graduates eager to invest in the region and raise a family.

The city of Sept-Îles offers a mix of modern amenities adapted to the needs of a younger clientele, not to mention proximity to hinterland and open water adventure. 
The rich and exciting history of the region is recounted in a permanent exhibition entitled ‘Land of the Senses: The Great Journey’ (Terres de sens: le grand voyage) at North Shore Regional Museum (Musée régional de la Côte-Nord). There one learns of visits by Europeans over the past 500 years, as well as First Nations settlements and influence dating back over 7000 years.

Outdoor enthusiasts will revel in the breadth of activities on offer, from sea kayaking to hiking and fishing. For individuals interested in unplugging from the stresses of modern existence, there lies kilometre upon kilometre of white sandy beach only minutes from the city centre. A visit to Sept-Îles would not be complete without an insight into First Nations traditions at Shaputuan Museum which provides a fascinating exposé on Innu culture and community life across the seasons.

Cruiseshippers can expect to be welcomed in style by the local people who are justifiably proud of the new cruise ship dock inaugurated in the fall of 2010. The Port of Sept-Îles also recently received the highly coveted Saint Lawrence Economic Development Corporation award which was set up to underscore exceptional results and initiatives by port authorities in enhancing regional economic development and raising the overall profile of the Saint Lawrence River Valley.

Another sign Indicative of the importance of the Port of Sept-Îles: the city will play host to the 53rd conference of the Association of Canadian Port Authorities from August 6-10, 2011. The event is expected to draw in excess of 200 participants.

For a truly unique experience that you will long remember, do like increasing numbers of cruiseshippers: plan to stop in at Sept-Îles!

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