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Did you know that...?

February 20, 2012

A boost of projects for 2012!


The year ahead would indeed appear to be shaping to be a very busy one not only in terms of numbers of cruiseshippers stopping in at our Saint Lawrence ports of call but also in terms of initiatives planned during the year to ensure smooth, ongoing, successful growth. Suffice to say that the Saint Lawrence has begun to soar in cruise industry circles.

Our team is hard at work promoting the attributes of the Saint Lawrence and helping cruise lines plan itineraries which include one, several or all of our nine ports of call.   It is with immense pleasure that we present to you our staff and their respective initiatives for 2012. 

Communications Coordinator: Lisanne Ross
With Cruise the Saint Lawrence Association for six years, Lisanne ensures that information is communicated in a timely manner using the different tools that she has put into place.

Her program for 2012 includes as follows:

  • Coordinate the Cruise Canada New England Symposium scheduled to be held in Québec City from June 12th to 14th 2012;
  • Revamp in its entirety our website at;
  • Produce and distribute a new interactive map making it possible to calculate nautical distances. 
  • Prepare photos and videos showcasing the destination based on a number of different themes (summer, family, autumn);
  • Coordinate the marketing campaign: Conduct research into and produce promotional tools;
  • Coordinate the advertising campaign in cooperation with member ports of call;
  • Ensure the provision of services to members.


Development Coordinator: Hélène Théberge
Hired in the summer of 2011, Hélène is responsible for numerous initiatives aimed at supporting member ports of call in efforts to enhance overall service levels.

Her initiatives for 2012 include as follows:

  • Coordinate implementation of a common greeting policy across the board in all ports of call;
  • Coordinate an audio guide initiative for member ports of call;
  • Set up training activities;
  • Produce a procedures manual for member ports of call;
  • Seek out solutions to provide for the ground transport needs of cruiseshippers.


Commercial Delegate: Anne-Marie Nadeau
Having just recently joined the ranks of Cruise the Saint Lawrence Association, Anne-Marie will be supporting sales and marketing efforts with cruise lines.

Her objectives for 2012 include as follows:

  • Represent the Saint Lawrence with cruise lines and media;  
  • Organize trade missions to Europe and USA;
  • Take part in cruise industry trade shows and events; 
  • Organize familiarization and media tours.


General Manager: René Trépanier 
At the helm of Cruise the Saint Lawrence Association for six years now, René’s workload in developing and promoting the destination is nothing short of colossal.

His goals for 2012 include as follows:

  • Oversee the marketing campaign and development initiatives;
  • Ensure that the Cruise Canada New England Symposium is a resounding success;
  • Represent members with cruise lines and media; 
  • Renew  three-year agreements for the 2012-2015 period with government partners;
  • Take part in drawing up a 2012-2020 tourism industry development plan;
  • Entertain relations with Canada New England Alliance partners and cooperate in drafting a joint marketing strategy with a view to positioning the summer season.

And the team would not be complete without Zoro, René’s dog, who gleefully keeps the team company throughout the day, obligating them to take short health breaks every now and then, and rewarding them with his affection!

Wishing everyone every success in their respective undertakings and a great 2012!

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