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Did you know that...?

April 18, 2013

New site for


The winds of change have revealed the fresh new face of our Cruise the Saint Lawrence website.    Indeed, our Web showcase has been completely revamped with a view to presenting our destination and members ports of call in a more appealing manner thanks in large part to updated photos.

In addition, site browsing has been revisited to facilitate viewing based on individual user needs and expectations.  As a result, content presentation and arrangement differs depending on whether is sought by passengers, cruise lines, travel agents, media or crew members. For example, crew members will immediately access information and services available to them at each member port of call, whereas journalists will appreciate ready access to press releases.

Naturally, all social network functions designed to facilitate the sharing of information on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are presented in each of the sections.

Totally new is the itinerary simulator, now available for use by browsers, It was developed especially for the Saint Lawrence ports of call, and allows both cruise lines and passengers to draw up itineraries based on individual tastes and interests, while making allowance for the technical specifications of each port of call. This tool also makes it possible to check to see whether or not there already exists a trip itinerary corresponding to browser interests and criteria. If so, various packages and dates will be suggested to browsers. 

The website does a brilliant job by offering a combination of more detailed information and greater abundance of photos. Once again, CSL has sought to anticipate client needs by grouping together the offerings of the nine member ports of call while acting as an important lever for member and partner marketing. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Let us know what you think by dropping us a line at ...and do enjoy your virtual tour of the Destination Saint Lawrence ports of call!

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