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July 16, 2013

Passengers in good hands


Welcoming cruise ship passengers into ports across Québec requires the dedicated team efforts of an impressive number of professionals. Shipping agents, security service and customs personnel, stevedores, greeting and destination management personnel work hand-in-hand with station managers to ensure the quick, seamless transition of passengers and their personal belongings from the ship to the shore-based segment of their cruise.

Destination management firms, also known as receptives or DMCs, are commissioned by cruise companies to provide a range of services which include pre/post-cruise tours, port of call excursions and airport/cruise terminal transfers. These firms are critical to the success of shore excursions, as well as passenger embarkation and disembarkation operations.

Receptive personnel are destination specialists skilled in developing attractive, insightful shore packages for passengers. Upon request, these specialists will also be pleased to tailor excursion offerings to the specific needs and interests of groups, couples and families. Interested in a shopping spree for two via limousine or a guided coach tour of a given region? Requests of the like may be addressed to a cruise line's excursions department which will then contact local DMC agents to make the necessary arrangements.

For Destination Saint Lawrence, three receptives, namely Destination North America, Intercruises and Zeste Incentive, stand out for the quality of services provided cruise companies.

Destination North America (DNA) opened its offices in early 2013. Boasting over 15 years of experience serving cruise ship passengers, DNA offers a range of services for the Canadian market, the Saint Lawrence ports of call in particular. Managed by owner Manon Vigneux, DNA also relies on the expertise of John Matte in the capacity of General Manager. The team comprises multilingual professionals who are passionate about what they do and who daily rise to the challenge of devising custom programs for passengers. With offices in Montréal and Québec, Manon and her team provide services for embarking and disembarking passengers, as well as for cruiseshippers stopping  into port.      

Intercruises has specialized in cruise ship passenger services in ports of call around the world since 2003. Backed by comprehensive field-based knowledge, the team draws on experience garnered over the years in more than 9000 different ports of call. The company, headquartered in the Port of Barcelona, employs 300 full time employees and over 1200 customer service agents in high season. In Québec, the main Intercruises office is located at Québec, with a satellite facility in Montréal to handle passenger embarkation/disembarkation operations.

With offices in Montréal and Fort Lauderdale, Zeste Incentive develops and implements creative, innovative programs for all budgets. The company's team of professionals is constantly on the outlook for new passengers offerings in destinations served. Custom, professional services cover Canada from east to west, with the focus on cruise ship passengers in eastern Canada.

Each of the aforementioned companies is qualified to provide innovative services consistent with passenger needs and expectations. Several other destination management organizations provide services for groups of passengers interested in theme-based activities at destination or optional shore excursions designed to complement scheduled cruise itineraries. Do not hesitate to call upon these professionals to put together unique custom packages for your customers in the image of your company. 

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