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December 4, 2013

Seasonal celebrations fast approaching…

Happy Holidays 2013

With December now upon us and year-end celebrations just around the corner, we wish to thank you for contributing to the development of the Saint Lawrence as a cruise destination of international calibre. Your enthusiasm and demonstrated interest motivate us each day to continue to expand our offering, fine-tune ship and passenger greeting procedures, and transform the Saint Lawrence into a must see destination for international cruise aficionados. In the period from 2006 to 2013, the number of cruiseshippers almost doubled and you are the individuals who helped make that happen. For this, we thank you profusely!

As 2014 dawns before us, we look to the year ahead with confidence and excitement. Two new ships will join the ranks of those we have grown accustomed to seeing on the Saint Lawrence and cruise lines will be scheduling stops at a greater number of ports of call than in years past.  The cruise season is also set to expand, yet again. More ships are planning mid-summer stopovers, while others envisage late fall visits extending into the month of November. These changes will contribute positively to a diversification of the cruiseshipper base and on-shore excursion supply. In short, the upcoming season promises to be as equally exciting as the one only recently ended.

The Holidays are synonymous with a period of joy, celebration and gatherings of friends and family. May you enjoy time with those close to you and celebrate with those you love. And may the year ahead be filled with merriment, personal and professional satisfaction, discovery and, above all, good health that you might fully appreciate the pleasures that life brings your way.


The team at Cruise the Saint Lawrence

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