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Did you know that...?

December 4, 2013

Yacht cruising with Compagnie du Ponant

Le Boreal

If you are keen on cruising in style, in an intimately sophisticated, out-of-the-ordinary environment, Compagnie du Ponant's signature service offer is certain to satisfy the expectations of the most discriminating among you. Sole French cruise line operator, Compagnie du Ponant, headquartered at Marseille, features an exclusive range of upmarket cruises to destinations across the globe. In operation for 25 years, the company first visited the Saint Lawrence in 2011, and has scheduled annual trips back each year since. 

Compagnie du Ponant stands apart from rivals by reason of ship size and capacity: 264 passengers maximum! Company ships are therefore able to stop in unique, out-of-the-way places, and provide a level of flexibility unavailable to larger vessels. Indeed, the crew can readily change course en route to get a better view of an interesting section of coastline, observe marine mammals closer up, or drop off passengers having signed up for a rafting excursion.  

With Compagnie du Ponant, cruisehippers are guaranteed the finest of onboard amenities, including quality, refined cuisine of French and international inspiration. All crew members speak several languages in addition to French which is broadly used on board. They discreetly and diligently attend to passenger comfort and make every effort to ensure guest satisfaction at all times. Onboard seminars with international experts provide passengers with details on the flora, fauna and countryscapes they can expect to encounter during their travels. This educational component provides added value to Compagnie du Ponant cruises and is highly appreciated by passengers ever eager for information about the destinations visited.

Compagnie du Ponant operates a fleet of four vessels, three of which are identical: Le Soléal, L’Austral and Le Boréal. Passenger capacity ranges from 224 to 264, with a crew of 139. The fourth, Le Ponant, is a majestic triple-mast, 88-metre sailing ship with a maximum capacity of 64 passengers plus crew. 

Le Boréal sails the Saint Lawrence between Québec and Boston once or twice a season en route from Greenland and continuing on to South America.

For cruiseshippers seeking a refined, upmarket discovery voyage replete with French ambience and gourmet cuisine, Le Boréal offers an alternative unlike any other. The vessel was named 'Best New Ship of the Year 2010' by European Cruiser Association. To learn more about Compagnie du Ponant's signature yacht cruise experience, we invite you to peruse the different cruise packages on offer.

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