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December 11, 2015

Best cruise passenger… Bienvenue!

Best Bienvenue

A full year has transpired since we first shared with you our ambitious port of call plans to become the cruise destination offering the Best Welcome in the World. We are pleased to report that plans are progressing quickly and that we are fast approaching our goal. You will recall that our nine member Saint Lawrence ports of call committed to a Greeting Policy drawn up by Cruise the Saint Lawrence in 2014.

To ensure optimal compliance with policy requisites, member ports of call instituted procedures and organized training designed to provide cruise ships and onboard guests with an incomparable welcome. To substantiate action taken and progress achieved, visits were made to each of the ports of call during the past season. These visits enabled us to observe and evaluate terminal and port of call services offered in terms of infrastructure, human resources, activities and quality control.

This inaugural round of visits confirmed that member ports welcomed cruise passengers warmly and enthusiastically into their midst. Findings were based on compliance with the evaluation criteria set out in the Cruise the Saint Lawrence Greeting Policy. Overall results obtained for 2015 poised member ports of call to achieve our stated goal by the end of 2016, which is to say to provide a premium level of quality, similar in nature from one port to the next, in the image of the destination and in keeping with the majority of evaluation criteria. 

Member ports of call are therefore intent upon confidently and fervently pursuing training and planning over the coming months with a view to gaining recognition as the destination providing cruise passengers with the Best Bienvenue in the World.

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