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Did you know that...?

March 13, 2017

Baie-Comeau, city of builders


Several thousand years ago, retreating glaciers carved out the area in which Baie-Comeau is now located. To this day, the region boasts vestiges of the changing climate phenomena that impacted the surrounding countryscapes. Cruise ship passengers calling in at Baie-Comeau will discover a wealth of singular infrastructure as they tour this area shaped by builders past and present. The people of the region take pride in the city’s prime geographical location on the Saint Lawrence, modern-day industrial potential and abundant natural resources.

It is not uncommon for cruise ships to dock in port next to cargo vessels. On some rarer occasions, an incoming ship may be required to drop anchor offshore, in which instance passengers are tendered between their ship and the shore terminal.  

Upon disembarking, passengers are welcomed by a group of musicians who treat them to a slice of Québec culture. Passengers having prebooked an excursion will find their coach waiting nearby the gangway.

Individuals interesting in touring on their own have a choice between a ten-minute stroll to the terminal or transport by bus. Once inside the terminal, passengers enjoy access to regional tourist information and may even wish to sit back and relax in the lounge or upper floor bistro.

For the duration of each ship’s stay in port, a shuttle operates between the terminal and the central shopping district. The trip into the city takes about ten minutes, giving time for riders to learn about the city from the onboard guide. For the more active at heart, it is possible to make the journey on foot by simply following the road into the city centre.

Visitors will find a friendly café, mix of shops and local artisans ever keen to share their passion for their craft with tourists. Mid-afternoon, we recommend stopping for tea at the Hôtel Manoir Baie-Comeau where you can sit and gaze out onto the magnificent riverscape.

Passengers interesting in learning more about the impact of retreating glaciers on the Baie-Comeau countryside will wish to book an excursion to Garden of the Glaciers. This interactive, multisensory experience provides visitors with a unique insight into the last ice age, climate change and migration of the first peoples to set foot in North America. Visits to Garden of the Glaciers must be booked through your cruise line operator, so be certain to book early.

If you are interested in discovering this port of call in all its grandeur, it is possible to tour the gigantic hydroelectric dams in the region. Based on time available and the means of transport selected, you may travel to Manic-2 or even Manic-5 to appreciate the immensity of these marvels of engineering each measuring several hundred metres across. Truly impressive!

Other excursion packages focus on regional crafts, key tourist attractions and exhilarating outdoor activities. Consult the list of packages offered by your favourite cruise line or check out the offerings onsite by clicking here.

Enjoy your stay!

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