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July 24, 2017

Renée Dumas: Cruise aficionado and passionate regional ambassador

Renée Dumas

The managers of the various Saint Lawrence ports of call are individuals brimming with personal and professional passion. Renée Dumas, General Manager of Cruise Baie-Comeau, is no exception. We met with her to learn more about her passion for cruises and the Baie-Comeau region.

  • To begin Ms Dumas, tell us a little about your responsibilities with Cruise Baie-Comeau.

I began working with Cruise Baie-Comeau in 2010. During the first six months, I served in the capacity of commercial delegate for port development. Shortly afterwards, the board of directors offered me the management position that I have now held for more than six years. In parallel to my duties at Baie-Comeau port of call, I also manage the Garden of the Glaciers facility. Although port development and management are my main responsibilities, I am highly involved with this local attraction, a premier traffic builder part of the local Baie-Comeau cruise development strategy. The Garden of the Glaciers includes two components, namely the glacier exploration station and seashell valley. Both are included in the excursion packages offered cruise line passengers.

  • Could you tell readers a little about your professional background?

Actually, I chose Baie-Comeau for personal reasons and put my professional accounting expertise to work for the organization in charge of managing our local port of call. My training has helped me tremendously in organizing operations and managing staff effectively. My twofold goal is to provide sound management while ensuring that customer greeting services remain at the heart of all action on our behalf. 

  • You recently accepted a position on the executive board of Cruise the Saint Lawrence. What are your goals during your term in office?

Yes, I became Secretary-Treasurer of Cruise the Saint Lawrence this past spring. It is a posting dear to my heart and I plan to work hard to develop effective, sustainable transport development strategies and solutions for destination ports of call, especially those located in Québec’s North Shore region. Cruise the Saint Lawrence has committed to providing the best cruise passenger greeting in the world through implementation of their Greeting Policy. I strongly believe that the availability of quality means of ground transport is an essential component of port of call success and passenger satisfaction. In the two years ahead, I intend to play an active role as a member of the working committee tasked with implementing sustainable solutions designed to spur sound, continued growth at our ports of call by ensuring that cruise lines enjoy access to sufficient numbers of quality coaches to enable cruise ship passengers to discover our destination’s beautiful regions and attractions.

  • There are doubtless aspects of your work of which you are particularly fond. What might they be?

I love my job!  I especially love the diversity of what I do. Each day is different, allowing me to learn a tonne of things. My work is as stimulating and as it is motivating. Every day, I realize the extent to which our team spreads good news. We work hard to make certain that visitors get to know a little about who we are and come to appreciate our magnificent surroundings. Chance pointed me in the direction of Baie-Comeau. Cruise industry development potential then convinced me to stay and make a life for myself here in the region.

The possibility of combining an office-based management facet with direct customer contact on days we organize ship greeting operations keeps me entirely satisfied. 

  • In your opinion, what are the key destination attributes for cruise ship passengers and cruise line operators?

In my opinion, Destination Canada New England stands out by reason of port of call diversity, complementarity and authenticity. The result is a customer-oriented cruse offering that is both interesting and appealing. Then there is the joie de vivre for which Québecers are known... an incontestable attribute which charms visitors time and again!

  • What personal favourites would you recommend to cruise ship passengers visiting Baie-Comeau?

We are truly spoiled living right next door to nature, with privileged access to regional fauna and flora. It is this very aspect that visitors most appreciate, especially those who do not always enjoy ready access to wide open spaces. Our countryscapes, easily accessible along the shoreline, speak to the history, geography and development of our extensive region.

  • Is your port of call planning any development projects aimed at cruise ship passengers?

The big news this year is most certainly the announcement of the advent of Disney Cruises to Baie-Comeau. This news has accelerated implementation of greeting personnel training, while enabling us to consolidate our ties with Tourism North Shore which supports action on our behalf and helps contribute to tourism development across the region.

  • What would you like to see during the upcoming cruise season?

What I wish for us here in Baie-Comeau is prudent, continued growth within the framework of a soundly managed structure intended to provide for sustainable regional development. I believe that this is essential to ensure the delivery of a product in keeping with customer expectations.

In closing, we thank Ms Dumas for sharing her passion with us and wish her a fulfilling complement of cruise ship visits throughout the coming season. 

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