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Did you know that...?

February 10, 2009

New infrastructure for cruise ships stopping in at Baie-Comeau!

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First impressions are certain to be positive for cruise ships and visitors stopping in at Baie-Comeau as of 2009. Every effort has been made to ensure that the new port facilities are ready this summer and for the arrival of new cruise operators beginning in 2010. In addition to rebuilding port installations, the city centre has undergone a well deserved facelift for the pleasure of locals and tourists alike.

Baie-Comeau was founded in 1937 by the President of the Chicago Tribune, Colonel Robert McCormick. Development in the region has been largely influenced by the paper industry and by massive provincial investment in the production of hydroelectricity.

The new port installations will facilitate access to this majestic region, the rugged coastline of which bears the marks of the last ice age. The people of Baie-Comeau, known for their warm, welcoming ways, are pleased to present an exciting and decidedly different lineup of visitor activities.

All new feature attraction: Garden of the Glaciers
From June 2009, the Garden of the Glaciers, formerly known as Centre boréal du Saint-Laurent, will begin offering a fascinating three-part tour experience. Come explore glaciers and glacier formation from top to bottom, from within and without. Made possible through the magic of multimedia technology, the spectacular presentations and sets provide for an awe-inspiring virtual expedition designed to raise visitor awareness of issues relating to climate change and the extent of human impact on nature. Capable of welcoming up to 1000 visitors at a time, the Northern Adventure, 20 000 Years Under the Ice, the Learning and Experimentation Zones and Maritime Adventure Park are available in packages ranging in duration from one to eight hours.

A singular drawing card: The North American black bear!
Individuals interested in wildlife observation will delight in the North American black bear observation tours led by experienced naturalists. Bears—ever present in the region except during hibernation in winter—as well as wolves can be safely observed from a special building which is glassed in on three sides. Domaine de l’ours is justifiably proud of their observation success rate which stands at 95%+.

Experience the magic of the gigantic Manic-5 generating station and Daniel Johnson dam!
Accessible by air, the majestic Manic-Outardes hydroelectric complex is located some 200 km from Baie Comeau. The unique architecture of this amazing complex stands as a testimony to Québec engineering genius. The dam is the largest multiple arch facility in the world. An impressive must-see!

And more…
Interested in hiking itineraries, guided tours or sporting excursions? Baie-Comeau, together with your cruise line, offers an extensive lineup of activities. The choice is yours! For further details, log on to Tourisme Baie-Comeau.

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