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Natural heritage and mysterious archipelago


  • Mingan archipelago National Park Reserve of Canada

    Mingan archipelago National Park Reserve of Canada

    Discover the exceptional beauty of the Mingan Archipelago with a boat trip departing from the Havre-Saint-Pierre marina and enjoy the scenic cruise which is an experience in itself. Visitors will be welcomed and accompanied on the island of their choice by a Parks Canada guide. Each island is unique! Walk through awe-inspiring landscapes and geological history. Enjoy the flora of various habitats and the magnificent monoliths which resist the ravages of time. Every experience will help you feel the rhythm of the Mingan Islands!

  • Discover the Innu Culture of Ekuanitshit

    Discover the Innu Culture of Ekuanitshit

    The Innu community is one of the First Nations to have lived on the land about 5,000 years before the first Europeans arrived in North America. Mingan was a major fishing and trading post for the Hudson Bay Company. It is now also known as Ekuanitshit, which means ?take care of the place where you live”. Treat yourself to some real traditional Innu food (it doesn’t get any more natural than this) and drop in for a visit to their magnificent church. The church is decorated entirely with Innu art and provides a magical glimpse into the mysteries of Innu culture and the people.

  • Visit of the cetacean research center

    Visit of the cetacean research center

    Mingan Island Cetacean Study (MICS) station is a non-profit research organization dedicated to the ecological study of marine mammals. Founded in 1979 by Richard Sears, MICS was the first organization to carry out extensive long-term research of cetaceans in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. The main area of study is along the Quebec’s North Shore in the Mingan Island/Anticosti region. Biologists on site will explain what their work entails when they are at sea. They will describe their research methods, and the types of species they are studying. In this same building, Parks Canada has an exhibition about the sea bird wildlife along the coast.

  • Village et gens du pays

    Village et gens du pays

    Experience a true change of scenery at the end of route 138 and discover the Eastern Mingan region. This region has only been linked to Québec by road since 1996. Here, the locals (both First Nation and non-First Nation) get together to share their culture. The magnificent landscapes of the North Shore make this a uniquely charming area.

  • Religious heritage and picturesque villages

    Religious heritage and picturesque villages

    Experience the magic of the Minganie region as you discover the churches of the picturesque communities of Mingan, Havre-Saint-Pierre and Rivière-au-Tonnerre. One is over a century old, another bears adornments of Innu inspiration, while yet another-built of wood-features sculpted works by local residents. Each is certain to impress!

    As you journey from one scenic hamlet to the next along the sparsely populated coastline, take the time to admire the distinctive natural beauty and defining characteristics of the coastal countryscape.

    A quick stop at Maison de la Chicoutai, which produces jams, coulis and other delights, is certain to pique the interest of aficionados of culinary fineries.

  • Havre-Saint-Pierre historic circuit

    Havre-Saint-Pierre historic circuit

    The local residents refer themselves as Cayens and are very proud of their Acadian heritage. For many years fishing, hunting and lumber were the main industries of the village, but today mining surpasses them all. This hiking tour takes you on a journey into their lifestyle as well as the historical and economic background. The Roland Jomphe culture house, an old general store, hold a permanent exhibit whose theme is ?the other story”, time-lining the history of Havre-Saint-Pierre from its founding until today. The interpretive center is conveniently located in the port area and provides an opportunity to learn more about the local Cayens in a self-guided visit or as part of this guided tour.

  • Anticosti Island national park/Sépaq Anticosti

    Anticosti Island national park/Sépaq Anticosti

    In addition to its ever-present deer population, Anticosti offers a multitude of splendid landscapes and unusual natural phenomena: canyons, fossils and caves, and spectacular waterfalls. Discover the Port-Menier area with the team of guides-naturalists. Discover the lighthouse on the western tip and the wreck of the Calou; take in the wildlife and vegetation, and breathe in the salty sea air! Anticosti will give you with an island experience like no other.

  • Maison de la culture Roland-Jomphe

    Maison de la culture Roland-Jomphe

    Inside the walls of an old general store with the feel of a museum, relive the history of Havre-Saint-Pierre from 1857 to today, thanks to the characters you will meet in period attire. Upon request, in the evening, a dynamic team will entertain you with a "cayen" cultural heritage activity.


  • And if you have a little more time:

    And if you have a little more time:
    • An Ilmenite Deposit in the Heart of the Economy
    • Tour of a fish market and seafood sampling
    • Ocean or river excursions by canoe or kayak
    • Fishing and adventure
    • Horseback riding or hiking in the backlands
  • Restaurants


    Havre-Saint-Pierre offers gourmet dining that is the envy of the best urban restaurants. The seafood, fresh fish and regional gastronomy created with wild berries and the famous cloudberry are irresistible!

  • Shopping


    Situated right in front of the port of call, the Place des Artisans is the place where local artist can display their artwork. From necklaces to paintings, it is the best place to get an authentic souvenir from your visit at Havre-Saint-Pierre. The interior design, handmade with material that can be found in the area, is a must see. Go for a visit and have a chat with the creators of these pieces of art.

    Downtown is less than a ten-minute walk from port and the shopping centre is less than one kilometre away.

  • Airport

    The Havre-Saint-Pierre airport is located 3 km from port. Two carriers offer regular flights and chartered services to Montréal and Québec or to Anticosti Island. Two helicopter carriers, by charter, traveled throughout the Minganie. Seaplane trips are also available for the back country from the lac des Plaines.

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