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Port city meets Innu culture


  • Nature Spots – Parks and Gardens

    Nature Spots – Parks and Gardens

    Sept-Îles is at the forefront of the Boreal Forest, an ecosystem encompassing 78% of all Canadian woodlands and covering 33% of Earth’s forested area. Literally found coast to coast, this ecosystem boasts a rich and diverse flora and is home to most Canadian animals. The city and its surroundings have numerous parks and protected areas which easily enables the discovery of most, if not all, of the forest’s diversity and coastline.  

  • Clarke City Interpretation Center

    Clarke City Interpretation Center

    The great potential of the St. Marguerite River incited the Clarke brothers to found the first industrial city on Québec’s North Shore, in 1898.

    A powerful river and a supply of wood plentiful enough to feed a pulp mill to provide paper for their publishing companies in Toronto and New York. Thus began the history of Clarke City, the area’s first industrial town that thrived until 1967.

  • Alouette Aluminium Plant

    Alouette Aluminium Plant

    Ever since its establishment, Aluminerie Alouette has been an important growth catalyst for the city. It is the most important Aluminium Smelter in North America.

    With more than 1000 employees and an annual production capacity of over 600 000 tons, Aluminerie Alouette is also Sept-Îles’ largest employer. Open since 1992, the cutting-edge company is at the forefront of environmental protection requirements.

  • Agara Native Art Gallery and Boutique

    Agara Native Art Gallery and Boutique

    Initially founded by renowned Native American artist Ernest Dominique, a.k.a. Aness, the gallery exposes the harsh realities faced by Natives.

    A boutique boasting the Innu craftsmanship completes what the complex has to offer. The boutique may offer visitors to send their purchases to their home depending on the location.

  • Observation des baleines dans la baie de Sept-Îles

    Observation des baleines dans la baie de Sept-Îles

    In addition to the migratory birds, several other famous animal species inhabit the islands.

    Other famous inhabitants of the islands, common seals and many whale species, among which the blue whale, the humpback whale and the fin whale, are found just off the islands coasts making Sept-Îles one of the best spot in the world for whale watching.

    Zodiac cruising or kayaking, go off and explore the biggest mammals in the world!

  • Île Grosse Boule | Ferme maricole Purmer

    Île Grosse Boule | Ferme maricole Purmer

    Purmer Ocean Farm, located on Grosse Boule Island, is another must-see attraction of the archipelago.

    Onsite biologists interpret and explain the process of mussel and seaweed farming on an inflatable boat excursion around the farm’s installations. Visitors are then taken ashore and invited to a mouth-watering tasting of the farm’s scallops. Following this not-soon-to-be-forgotten culinary encounter, the island’s visitors are given time to discover the site on their own and take pictures.

  • Hermel Exhibition

    Hermel Exhibition

    Mylène Paquette is the first North American woman to ever successfully row solo across the North Atlantic; the Hermel was her boat.

    Having travelled from Halifax, Canada to Lorient, France, in just 129 days, the boat will forever stay as a reminder of its captain’s strength and tenacity.

  • Archipel des Sept-Îles - Archipelago

    Archipel des Sept-Îles - Archipelago

    The traditional Virée des îles (Tour of the Islands) is enhanced by an interpretation of the region's history, economy, culture and social life. Observe whales and other marine mammals and observe the bird sanctuary on Corossol Island. Biology excursions focusing on crustaceans and molluscs are also offered. Morning and evening cruises, diving, snorkelling, scuba diving, kayak rentals. A three-hour guided excursion / Three excursions daily.


  • Musée Shaputuan - Museum

    Musée Shaputuan - Museum

    Stop by the Shaputuan Museum, a museum that recounts the millennia-old history of the Innu people and its ancestral land.

    Its permanent exhibition, Innu utassi (meaning Innu land), follows the Innu through the seasons and their annual life cycle. The Innu way of life has always been a seasonal cycle of activities based on the harvesting of resources as they become available: wild berries in the fall, caribou in the winter, salmon and geese in the spring. Summer was a time of gathering with other tribes and trading with the Europeans on the banks of the St. Lawrence.

  • Vieux poste de Sept-Îles - Old Trading Post

    Vieux poste de Sept-Îles - Old Trading Post

    The establishment of a fur trading post about Sept-Îles’ bay dates back as far as 1661, at a time when North America’s French colony was only at its beginnings. During its operation by the French, the post saw now notorious historical figures such as François Byssot, famous French businessmen at the time, and Louis Jolliet, who is thought to be the very first European to have discovered the Mississippi, set foot on its ground.

  • Grande Basque Island

    Grande Basque Island

    At the centre of all this grandeur, Grande Basque Island is a leisure spot appreciated by locals and visitors alike.

    With its 12 km (7.5 mi) of hiking trails, secluded sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, the island really is an adventurers’ paradise. Insightful interpretation panels scattered all around the island and well-situated observation points offering breathtaking views on the city and its surroundings complete the island’s nature bid.

  • North Shore Regional Museum

    North Shore Regional Museum

    The rich and fabulous history of the North Shore of the St. Lawrence River is told at Musée régional de la Côte-Nord.

    The museum’s permanent exhibition, Land of Discovery: The Great Journey, invites guests to explore 8,000 years of history. Whether your interests tend toward nature, industry or culture, the exhibition will help you discover the true character of the region, providing a glimpse into the courage, tenacity and pride of the local inhabitants.

  • Restaurants


    From appetizer to dessert, all of the flavours of the North Shore are found on our tables-seafood, smoked fish, grilled dishes, wild berries, local specialties - there is something for everyone! The Boreal cuisine will seduce you with its tasty combinations!

  • Shopping


    Two shopping centres are located in the downtown area, including the largest Aboriginal shopping center in Canada. In addition, local boutiques are no more than five minutes from the port.

  • Airport


    The regional airport is located 15 km from the port and offers direct flights to Montréal and Québec City. Three carriers also offer helicopter excursions.

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