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Îles de la Madeleine

An archipelago between sea and sky

Port details

Vue aérienne IDM

Physical characteristics of the port

New Cruise Pavilion
Passengers will enjoy the amenities of a brand new Cruise Pavilion. Among the services offered: Tourist information, restrooms, public telephones, computer stations and WIFI Web connexions.

  • Berth des pétroliers
    Length: 140.5 m
    Depth: 8.0 m
    Apron: 11.2 m
  • Berth Commercial 1
    Length: 82.0 m
    Depth: 5.5 m
    Apron: 36 m
  • Berth Commercial 2
    Length: 36 m
    Depth: 4.0 m
    Apron: 36 m
  • Tidal movement
    2.2 m
  • Pilots
    Upon request
  • Marine references
    Charts # 4950 and 4956 Canadian Hydrographic Service
    Latitude 470 30' N Longitude 610 52' W
  • Port services
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Upcoming ship visits

No ship is presently scheduled at this port of call.

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