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Port details

Port Baie-Comeau

Physical characteristics of the port

Cruise Pavilion
Cruise guests calling Baie-Comeau have access to a Cruise Pavilion with services and amenities including shuttle service to the town centre, tourist office, restaurant, terrace, restrooms, boutique shop, public telephone, bike rental, free Wi-Fi as well as a lounge area with bar service exclusive to the cruise ship guests and crew.

  • Berth #1
    Length: 155 m
    Depth: 9 m

    Height of pier at C/D: 7 m
    Width : 18 m

  • Berth #2
    Length: 155 m
    Depth: 8.5 m

    Height of pier at C/D: 7 m
    Width : 18 m

  • Berth #3
    Length: 125 m
    Depth: 8.5 m

    Height of pier at C/D: 7.5 m
    Width : 18 m

  • Tidal movement
    4.15 m 
  • Pilots
    Upon request
  • Marine references
    Chart # 1226 Canadian Hydrographic Service
    Latitude 490 13' N Longitude 680 09' W
  • Port services
    • Passenger gangway
    • Fuel by truck
    • Fresh water by truck
    • Roll-on/roll-off ramp
    • Car ferry ramp
    • Tug
    • Electrical outlets for tugs
    • Waste disposal
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