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Natural heritage and mysterious archipelago

Fact sheet

Port Services and Facilities

  • Wharf dedicated to international cruise ships
  • Portail Pélagie-Comier :comprehensive range of adjoining services, including tourist information, coffee shop, terraces, free WiFi
  • Place des Artisans: local artists, arts and crafts, souvenir/gift shop adjacent to dock
  • Maison de la culture Roland-Jomphe: old general store with the feel of a museum, where visitors can relive the history of Havre-Saint-Pierre, right next to dock

Main Facts

  • Québec’s northernmost port of call, nestled at the mouth of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence
  • Located in a region featuring 360 kilometres (225 miles) of shoreline, and many picturesque villages
  • Surrounded by Mingan Archipelago National Park of Canada, a chain of 30 limestone islands and 1000 granitic islets, with the largest concentration of erosion monoliths in Canada
  • Innu communities, religious heritage sites, impressive hydroelectric dam under construction, and marine mammal research site
  • Nature and history adventures and activities of every kind
  • Anticosti National Park with over 120 000 deer and abundant wildlife
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Schedule of ship visits

Upcoming ship visits

No ship is presently scheduled at this port of call.

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