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Become an expert on the Saint Lawrence

There’s a Saint Lawrence dream cruise waiting for your clients!

Looking for that perfect cruise for a customer? Put our cruise simulator to the test! Just provide the ports of call and dates of interest and the simulator will list all the suitable cruise packages currently available.

We know that you are constantly on the outlook for new, unique, truly authentic products to satisfy the needs and expectations of your clients. Boasting a mix of majestic countryscapes and a rich, diversified program of excursions, Québec and the nine Saint Lawrence ports of call proudly offer a product designed to meet and surpass client demands.

To help you learn more about Destination Saint Lawrence, a short training program has been developed by Tourism Québec in cooperation with Cruise the Saint Lawrence. In several easy steps, you will learn more about and be able to test your knowledge of our nine ports of call. You will then be poised to share this information with your clients. In addition, once you have registered for this short training program, you will receive automatic updates on destination news and developments. 

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