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Itinerary simulator

Build new packages while planning cruise itineraries on the Saint Lawrence River

In search of new destinations, welcoming ports of call or activities certain to leave you on an exhilarating high? See what's in store when you drop anchor at Montréal, Québec, Trois-Rivières, Saguenay, Baie-Comeau, Havre-Saint-Pierre, Sept-Îles, Gaspésie or the Iles de la Madeleine . This summer or fall, come experience Destination Saint Lawrence for yourself!

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Planning new itineraries for next year's cruise season? Our all new itinerary simulator will help you select and visualize the ports of call you seek to include in your packages. Contact us now and avail yourself of our destination-specific services.


A dream cruise on the Saint Lawrence awaits you!

To assist you in your search, we invite you to create your very own dream cruise itinerary using our all new itinerary simulator. Select your favourite ports of call and desired dates. The simulator will suggest cruise packages based on current industry offerings. To select the cruise best suited to your individual tastes, contact a travel agent who specializes in cruises. 

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