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Did you know that...?

June 27, 2011

Scheduled training proves tremendously successful


While in New York for the 2011 edition of the Canada/New England Cruise Symposium, the team at Saint Lawrence Cruise Association, in cooperation with Destination Québec, met with a group of about a hundred travel agents to speak to them about Québec as a travel and cruise destination.

The agents were delighted to learn more about the province and to have the opportunity to interact with representatives from the various Saint Lawrence ports of call. Agent enthusiasm for Québec was indeed palpable! Always on the lookout for new destinations and innovative travel options for clients, the agents underscored the immense potential of Québec’s ports of call.

In the wake of increased cruiseshipping supply in Québec, it is essential to support travel agents and provide them with telling insights into the specifics of destination Québec. To do so, web-based training sessions have been developed and are now available for agents interested in becoming Québec Cruise Specialists. Log on to and let the adventure begin!

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