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July 16, 2012

Discovering the world as a family

Whales and Fjord  cruise with AML

It is that time of year once again! School is out and summer holidays are now in full swing. At long last, schoolchildren are free to let loose, engage in their favourite pastimes and enjoy quality time with their parents and grandparents without the constraints of the same strict, day to day routine. Travelling as a family is certainly an excellent way to rally members young and old around a common goal or project. One hassle-free option to consider is a cruise, an accessible mode of travel which guarantees a range of activities for everyone.  

The nine ports of call which make up Destination Saint Lawrence offer a vast selection of activities for individuals across the age spectrum. 

Montréal: Riding the Lachine Rapids

See Montréal from a whole new angle. Experience a unique, fun-filled adventure as a family. Whether you choose to ride the historic Lachine Rapids in a raft or jet boat, every member of the family is guaranteed a memorable experience just minutes from the city centre. 

Trois-Rivières: Feasting at Cabane à sucre Chez Dany

No true Québec experience would be complete without a visit to a typical sugar shack. Chez Dany offers it all: traditional Québec fare, festive backdrop typical of days gone by, and interpretive tours designed to provide visitors with an insight into how maple syrup is made. Chez Dany attracts visitors from around the world. The younger crowd will revel in the maple-flavoured  sweets. 

Québec: Hiking in Sainte-Anne Canyon

Trails, suspension bridges, giant potholes and a 74-metre waterfall await you in this vertiginous canyon. A host of fun-filled activities—enchanted tales, gigantic puzzle, mystery riddles, etc.—are certain to prove family hits. Then there is the safety cable discovery tour and amazing zipline facilities for the fearless at heart! Sainte-Anne Canyon, a spectacular park accessible to the whole family. 

Saguenay: Discovering waterfall wonders at Val-Jalbert Historic Village

Five lookouts and a network of trails in the vicinity of Ouiatchouan Falls ('Ouiatchouan' means 'river of clear water') provide breathtaking views of this powerful wonder of nature. Onlookers one and all will be mesmerized by the torrent of water which appears to gush out of the forest and then, with a thunderous roar, tumble 72 metres (236 feet) down adjacent to the former paper mill. Perched high above the surrounding landscape, in mid-falls, lies a spectacular glass-bottomed lookout certain to leave you with the impression of plunging into the depths bellow! A guaranteed rush for young and old from a totally safe, secure vantage point. 

Baie-Comeau: Entering bear country... beware!

An experience designed to impress. A place where you can observe the North American black bear and its rival, the wolf, in the wild. The observation success rate stands at an astounding 99.9%. From a shelter glassed in on three sides, you can admire these creatures just metres away. Talk about long lasting family memories!

Sept-Îles: Biking on Québec's 'urban' North Shore! 

What better than a family bike ride to check out regional activities and attractions. The Port-Cartier/Sept-Îles area boasts 49 kilometres of urban cycling paths. That should be sufficient for everyone, young and old, to stretch their legs. 

Havre Saint-Pierre: Exploring Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve of Canada

Unlike any other in the world, this park features the largest concentration of erosion monoliths in Canada. The captivating charm of the sea, bizarre rock forms, exceptional plant life, unusual bird life and area lighthouses beckon visitors to take time out for discovery. Try your hand at sea kayaking and allow yourself to be smitten by the spectacular scenery of the Mingan Archipelago.

Gaspé Peninsula: Observing sea mammals in their natural habitat

The tip of the Gaspé Peninsula is prime territory for viewing blue whales, humpbacks, fin whales and baby whales. Dolphins, porpoises and seals can also be found in abundance. Several types of watercraft are on offer to ensure that all family members are at ease in the marine environment. 

Îles de la Madeleine: Kayaking in a rustic island paradise

Discover the red sand cliffs and caves of Gros-Cap, Belle-Anse and Étang des-Caps sculpted by sea, wind and time. Children are welcome aboard tandem watercraft for a half-day excursion guaranteed to have them wide eyed with wonder. 

Why not book a cruise now? Simply choose your favourite cruise line, select a suitable sailing, and then enjoy as you and the members of your family stock up on memories you will all long treasure. 


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