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September 25, 2013

Destination Saint Lawrence: An appealing product for travel agents

3R- Arrival of the Balmoral at dawn

In the past five years, visitor numbers have doubled at booming Destination Saint Lawrence. As a result of combined efforts by the nine member ports of call in partnership with Cruise the Saint Lawrence (CSL), government partners and local communities, all ports now welcome cruise ships in the period from May to October. 

With some twenty cruise lines offering a variety of itineraries, the Saint Lawrence is increasingly front of mind with consumers who welcome destination novelty with a mix of curiosity and enthusiasm. It is indeed a well known fact that cruise aficionados like nothing better than a novel cruise experience and the opportunity to discover new destinations. Destination Saint Lawrence is a highly diversified product with no less than nine uniquely distinctive member ports of call. If some ports of call are unmistakably urban, others are remote and set against untouched natural backdrops. Voyages on the Saint Lawrence therefore guarantee visitor experiences which are enriching, entertaining and inspiring.

Cruise the Saint Lawrence has dedicated an entire section to travel agents to assist you with sales and promotional efforts. For full particulars and contact information, simply click on On our site, you will find all requisite details about the destination and member ports of call, including a repository of activities on offer, evocative photos of each port of call and planning information designed to facilitate travel to Québec. You will also enjoy access to a wealth of practical information designed to help you familiarize yourself with Destination Saint Lawrence. The extensive selection of YouTube videos and online brochures will provide you with an enhanced understanding of the distinguishing features of each of the member ports of call.
For travel agents wishing to become destination experts, Cruise the Saint Lawrence has developed a short training program in cooperation with Tourism Québec. You are just a few simple steps from learning more about our nine ports of call and being able to share this information with clients. Several ports of call, including both Montréal and Québec, offer training programs in the form of webinars to help travel agents perfect their knowledge of embarkation and disembarkation points on the Canada/New England cruise itinerary. In addition to garnering helpful information on port access, airport connections and proximity services, these training sessions will help you familiarize yourself with each of the cities, thereby enabling you to suggest pre/post cruise offerings tailored to the needs and expectations of your clients. Our ports of call at Montréal and Québec also offer travel agents joint advertising programs for promoting pre/post cruise offerings in each of these two cities. Tourism coordinators in both locations will be pleased to advise you regarding the specifics of the programs on offer. 

To round out destination training, member ports of call, together with Tourism Québec and cruise line operators, regularly organize destination familiarization trips. First-hand experience is without doubt the most effective means of enhancing one's understanding of a destination, appreciating a destination's attributes and discovering what makes the Saint Lawrence a must see international cruise destination.  

To keep abreast of developments at each of our Saint Lawrence ports of call, check the Cruise the Saint Lawrence website regularly. 

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