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Did you know that...?

October 1, 2014

Building the ideal itinerary


Building the ideal Canada/New England cruise itinerary is no mean feat. Planners must take into account an abundance of criteria including ship size, travelling time between scheduled stopovers and desired ports of call to name but three.

To facilitate the planning exercise, Cruise the Saint Lawrence has developed an interactive working tool which allows planners to build itineraries and obtain detailed route information. The characteristics of some thirty ships have been entered into the simulator. Users need only select a ship, port of embarkation and desired ports of call, and then press 'Submit' to generate a comprehensive itinerary, including ports of call, on a Google-based map. Travelling time between each port is provided for the ship selected. A list of available attractions and activities is also generated, together with brief descriptions and exact onshore distances from ship docking locations. This innovative new tool greatly facilitates the virtual exploration of all Destination Saint Lawrence and Canada/New England ports of call. Planners are indeed able to envision myriad cruise itinerary combinations, swiftly view results and decide on the itineraries which best satisfy search requisites.

In addition, the itinerary simulator lists itineraries currently on offer, indicating cruise line operators and ports of call in each instance. Given the ease of comparing existing cruise offerings, planners are able to quickly assess possible itineraries based on ship characteristics and onshore activities available at each port of call. Travel agents and consumers are invited to enter their dream itineraries and then view, almost instantly, the list of those most closely aligned with their search specifics.

Building the ideal cruise itinerary just got a whole lot easier. Try out our new itinerary simulator and imagine your own ideal Canada /New England cruise itinerary. Who knows? Your dream cruise may be closer to reality than you think!

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