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Did you know that...?

December 9, 2014

Questing for the Best Bienvenue in the World


In 2013, Saint Lawrence member ports of call adopted a greeting policy, the aim being to ensure that they realize their vision of offering international cruiseshippers the 'Best Bienvenue in the World'.

The result of the combined efforts of all nine Saint Lawrence ports of call, this greeting policy was officially introduced in 2014. After months of dedicated efforts and implementation of requisite processes, the policy has begun to refine port of call operations. Each member adds and adapts based on local specifics, while ensuring compliance with core policy guidelines. By 2016, all nine ports of call aim to offer cruise passengers venturing to our shores a welcome second to none. This means that they must do their utmost to ensure that passengers are welcomed warmly, efficiently and professionally, and that facilities are designed to provide visitors with an appropriate insight into regional customs and culture. Over and above the teams of greeting specialists directly associated with cruise ship stopover operations, local communities across the network are being called upon to ensure that visiting passengers receive the Best Bienvenue in the World

By showcasing local authenticity and attributes, each port of call endeavours to provide visiting cruise passengers with an unparalleled onshore experience. In committing to the greeting policy, each has access to tools essential for enhancing customer service and innovating in terms of onshore offerings. Destination Saint Lawrence continues to enjoy ever rising passenger numbers and seeks to use this tool to continue to expand visitor traffic while offering an incomparable greeting experience. 

During the upcoming 2015 and 2016 seasons, member ports of call will be visited and assessed regularly to help them achieve their greeting policy objectives. Each will therefore have sufficient time to achieve the standardized level of quality defined and set out in the policy. Thereafter, work will continue on perfecting all aspects of greeting operations and tailoring the latter to forecast increases in cruise passengers numbers.

Cruise ship passengers can therefore expect to receive a warm, welcoming greeting in the image of Québecers themselves on their next Canada /  New England cruise. 



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