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September 12, 2016

Trois-Rivières – Poetry capital of Québec

3R_Flânerie dans le quartier historique

Midway between Québec and Montréal lies the most recent of the Saint Lawrence ports of call: Trois-Rivières. The oldest city in the province, Trois Rivières is home to a major provincial port. For a number of years now, work has been ongoing to equip the city with proper cruise ship greeting facilities. Given the city’s geographical location, stopover duration can be readily extended to allow visitors to benefit fully from the wealth of attractions and evening entertainment options.

Cruise ships dock in the heart of the historic district of Trois-Rivières only a short distance from the city centre. This year, passengers enjoy access to an all new Welcome Pavilion ideally located only a stone’s throw from the ship’s gangway. The new facility, staffed by a team of tourist information personnel, also features taste testing of local specialities, an offering ever popular with food aficionados. 
Key activities and attractions include as follows:

  • Walking tour of Old Trois-Rivières: In the company of a seasoned guide, passengers will discover the history of the city, its historic buildings and museums. The Québec Museum of Popular Culture and the Old Jailhouse stand out as tour highlights. The former provides an insight into the roots and values of the Québec people, while the latter will stir a shiver or three as visitors explore the history-charged corridors of this venue which housed prisoners up until just thirty years ago. In addition, as you stroll the streets of the city, you will quickly understand why Trois-Rivières was dubbed the poetry capital of the province. During the annual poetry festival in September, beautiful poems are permanently affixed to walls, buildings and passageways, lending a decidedly romantic ambience to the central core. 
  • La Mauricie National Park: Outdoor enthusiasts will want to pencil in an excursion to La Mauricie National Park. Forests, lakes and waterfalls stand in stark contrast to the urban portscape. Whether to hike, canoe or simply observe nature, this excursion is a must. Allow between 45 minutes and 1 hour travelling time each way.
  • Chez Dany Sugar Shack: Of all Québec culinary traditions, dishes prepared using maple syrup are doubtless among the best known. Each year in spring, sap from sugar maple trees is transformed into maple syrup which is subsequently used to create a broad array of delectable sweets. Maple syrup production is readily associated with the tradition of sitting down to a typical meal in a sugar shack. Year round, Chez Dany features typical fare against a traditional backdrop. Music, hearty meal offerings and dance combine to offer a truly Québec experience. Meals are offered as part of group bookings only and visitors must travel by coach with the group from the terminal to the sugar shack.
  • Cirque du Soleil: The Cogeco Centre at Trois-Rivières presents a variety of entertainment throughout the year. For a portion of the summer season, the program includes performances by world-renowned Cirque du Soleil. Music, magic and talent combine to create a wondrous, memorable ambience at a venue located a mere 10 minutes from the terminal by motorized transport. 

Other excursion packages focus on regional crafts, key tourist attractions and exhilarating outdoor activities. Consult the list of packages offered by your favourite cruise lines or check out the offerings onsite.

For passengers with sufficient time after their excursions, we suggest a short stroll into the city centre to enjoy the many cafés, micro-breweries and bistros. There is nothing like well deserved time out after a tour of the city’s historic district. For individuals seeking to explore farther afield, the local tour bus offers one-hour guided tours of the city. 

Whatever you choose, you will quickly and easily get a sense of what makes Trois Rivières tick since your ship docks in the heart of the action.

Enjoy your visit!

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