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Did you know that...?

February 10, 2009

The Saint Lawrence comes alive for cruise enthusiasts!

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In 2010, Carnival Cruise Lines will operate a new cruise out of New York with three ports of call in the province of Québec. Dubbed Québec - After the Glaciers, the nine-day cruise will feature three Saint Lawrence sailings at different times during the summer of 2010, with scheduled stopovers at Québec, Baie-Comeau and Havre-Saint-Pierre.

As a result of persistent efforts over time by officials from the Port of Québec, the world’s leading cruise line has added the Saint Lawrence to its list of destinations and is intent upon dazzling cruise aficionados in search of novel destinations with an enticing sampling of Québec culture and hospitality.
In addition to the cultural component, travellers will revel in the irresistible charm of the coastal towns and villages, the presence of First Nations communities, the awe-inspiring vastness of Québec’s hinterland, and the rugged diversity of the Québec coastline. As the ships navigate the waters of the majestic Saint Lawrence, passengers will marvel at the wealth of marine life, for the mighty river-cum-sea is home to impressive numbers of belugas, fin whales and fun-loving seals.

Cruise highlights include as follows:

Québec: The only fortified city in North America, Québec offers a distinctive blend of North American persona against a backdrop of unmistakably European origin.

Suggested activities at this port of call include:

  • Tour of city’s historic attractions;
  • Walking tour of Old Québec;
  • Bicycle ride in the surrounding countryside;
  • Traditional sugaring off party at a local sugar shack;
  • And much more…

Baie-Comeau: The main reason behind this new program, Baie-Comeau and the city’s new Garden of the Glaciers present a product, the only one of its kind in the world, which makes it possible to understand the impact of both the last ice age and global warming. This new attraction provides an experience unlike any other, a virtual exploration of the glaciers.

Baie-Comeau also offers a number of other exciting excursion possibilities such as:

  • Aerial exploration of the surrounding region, including overflight of the impressive Manic 5 hydroelectric complex;
  • Nature observation by kayak or zodiac;
  • City tours;
  • Introduction to history of the region and life of local pioneers; 
  • And much more…

Havre-Saint-Pierre: In the heart of the Mingan region, this port of call lends itself perfectly to exploring Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve, home to unique local flora and an extraordinary collection of monoliths. The charming local villages will win the hearts of travellers eager to get a glimpse of life in remote northern communities where nature reigns supreme.

This stopover features a broad spectrum of activities:

  • Guided tour of surrounding villages;
  • Tour of village of Natashquan where highway ends;
  • Hiking;
  • Nature observation by sea kayak;
  • Observation of marine mammals;
  • Introduction to Inuit culture;
  •  And much more…

Considerable investment has been made in recent years to adapt port of call infrastructure to the needs of cruise ships and the ever increasing influx of tourists. Efforts continue with various levels of government to fine-tune the product and render the diversity of the Saint Lawrence as a destination accessible to cruise ships and passengers. A number of cruises are already scheduled for 2009.  To plan your cruise, consult our list of cruise line offers.

Enjoy your cruise!

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