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Did you know that...?

February 10, 2009

Meet with Jimmy Gagné

Jimmy Gagné plays a key role at Jean Lesage International Airport in the provincial capital. Named Operations Manager in October 2006, Jimmy Gagné Mr Gagné has overseen the completion of the facility’s extensive modernization project. A substantial increase in the volume of air traffic had made it imperative to update airport infrastructure, and to enhance both service quality and traveller satisfaction in the process. Also, given the ever increasing number of cruise lines operating from the Port of Québec, it had become essential to revisit the airport’s capacity to handle large numbers of passengers who transit through the airport for short, well defined periods of time.

Boasting thirteen years of experience with the airports at Bagotville and Sept-Îles, and ongoing cooperation with Transport Canada in managing regional airports, Jimmy Gagné is well poised to masterfully manage operations at Jean Lesage International Airport.

Mr Gagné informed us that the new facilities would make it possible to handle over a million passengers a year and guarantee a pleasant, comfortable passenger experience. As readers well know, the more traveller-friendly airports are, the better they score in terms of traveller satisfaction and experience.

Cruise passengers either commencing or terminating their cruise itinerary at Québec will be pleasantly surprised by the scope of the new facilities which required an investment of some $100 million.

Québec airport authorities have set their sights on offering a new range of services for the growing number of international travellers who now use Québec as their point of arrival or departure. Ever attentive to traveller needs, Mr Gagné is actively involved in the travel industry and has been an active member of the Board of Directors of the Saint Lawrence Cruise Association since 2008.  He therefore contributes directly to enhancing Québec’s offering, while ensuring that product quality is consistent with the requirements of cruise operators from different countries.

Determined and proud of the significant service enhancements made at Jean Lesage International Airport, Mr Gagné told us that he derives the most satisfaction from his busiest days on the job at the airport. Should you come upon Mr Gagné during your next transit through Québec’s airport, make it point to say ‘hello’. You’ll make his day!

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