New power team focused on sustainability going forward

January 31, 2024

As the new year begins, Cruise the Saint Lawrence (CSL) takes pleasure in announcing changes to the makeup of our permanent team, namely two appointments and two new recruits.

 Cruise the Saint Lawrence, which groups together nine ports of call located along the shores of the Saint Lawrence River, is confident that the new team will enable us to further substantiate our mission to foster sustainable development in the international cruise sector for the ultimate benefit of member ports and local communities.

 “Over the years, Cruise the Saint Lawrence has worked to position our fabled river and surrounding regions as destinations of choice for international cruise lines. Today, with the institution of a new multidisciplinary structure, we proudly reaffirm our commitment to promote Destination Saint Lawrence within international cruise industry circles and to deploy concerted action as required with industry stakeholders, our member ports and the communities that we serve to protect the biodiversity of the Saint Lawrence river system,” underscored Yves Gilson, President of Cruise the Saint Lawrence and Director, Marketing & Cruises at the Port of Montréal.


 Karine Blais, Director of Marketing  

In her new role, Karine Blais will be responsible for developing Cruise the Saint Lawrence marketing strategy, in addition to planning, organizing, tooling and conducting activities related to the promotion and marketing of tourism products and services across Destination Saint Lawrence. Ms Blais will represent all nine Saint Lawrence member ports of call with key trade media and networks, including cruise lines as well as travel and booking agencies.

 Nancy Houley, Director of Business Development   

Nancy Houley will focus on broadening the reach and vested notoriety of Destination Saint Lawrence. Backed by a solid blend of business development and first-hand experience acquired during previous postings with the Port of Québec, Ms Houley is well poised to support Cruise the Saint Lawrence and members in generating new business opportunities and ensuring sustainable growth going forward. She will assume a key leadership role within provincial, national and international networks where she will seek to substantiate destination offerings, while establishing partnerships and strategic alliances.

 New positions  

 Aiming to provide requisite support for association initiatives, bolster member services and prioritize efforts devoted to sustainable development, Cruise the Saint Lawrence has recruited two added resources.

 Suzanne Caron, Marketing & Administrative Agent

Suzanne Caron, Marketing & Administration Agent, will provide invaluable support with a broad diversity of promotional initiatives. She will assist in the implementation of marketing strategies and second the director of marketing with sectoral operations. Ms Caron will take part in organizing activities and events aimed at promoting and strengthening the Cruise the Saint Lawrence brand, while providing day-to-day administrative support.

  Valérie Patry, Sustainable Development Advisor  

Valérie Patry will support and help tool Cruise the Saint Lawrence, member ports and sectoral businesses in drafting and implementing sustainable development plans, projects and action intended to ensure the adoption of best practices. Ms Patry will further institute an action plan aimed at helping members develop skills in matters of sustainable and responsible tourism, the aim being to transform members into facilitators in their respective regions. She will work closely with CSL partners, spearhead a variety of projects and ensure requisite follow-up. 


About Cruise the Saint Lawrence 

 Cruise the Saint Lawrence is a sectoral organization which groups together the nine ports of call located along the shores of the Saint Lawrence River. The mission of the organization is to grow cruise market activities in Québec and across Destination Canada New England through the provision of marketing and development services to members. Cruise the Saint Lawrence enjoys the support of partners Tourism Québec, Québec Tourism Industry Alliance and Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada.